Friday, January 8, 2010

Drop it like it's hot

Hello. Sorry for not updating that often anymore, it's just that I got nothing to blog lately. That's sad, I know.

I went to Neyo after concert party yesterday at Euphoria, MOS. The boyf is the one who told me that there is this party but he couldn't make it so I don't feel like going at the first place. Belinda asked me yesterday morning if I wanted to go and I said yes. It's Neyo dude! Are you fucking kidding me? Since I missed the concert, so why not right? So it was sort of a really last minute plan. Too bad Aainaa, Elin and Joe Ann couldn't make it too. I bet it would be a blast if you guys are there! So there was only the five of us going. Me, Belinda, Natalie ( a friend to Belinda whom I've just met), Zhen Ru, Charan who were confirmed going. Suprisingly again at the very last minute, the boyf decided to join(!) and yes he brought along 4 of his friends whom I met before too, COOL. We were there quite early, around 9-ish and the club was still empty that time. The crowd started filling in around 11-ish I guess. So I was dancing with the girls and the boyf all night long but the songs weren't that nice compared to the first time I was there. Back to the topic, we waited till 1.30am to be exact when Neyo appeared somewhere on the second floor probably just metres away from the place where I was standing. We could see him through this see through window. Well, it's kinda dark inside there, I mean the club so I could just roughly see his figure not his face for sure. Still, he's the sexiest man alive or maybe second HAHA LOL I can feel that from farrrrrrr. Sorry for no photos cause Belinda is the one who took all the photos so it's all in her camera. Anyway, we left around 2-ish cause we're tired of waiting and we don't think that Neyo's going to perform ($%#^!&*) Something happened on our way back but I'm not gonna talk about it. Belinda and I sent Natalie home and both of us headed back to Belinda's house, took a shower, had some pillow talk and yeah we snoozed off around 4-ish.

Today is another typical Friday where I'll spend the whole day sleeping my ass off. I woke up around 4-ish and got myself ready. Belinda wanted to get a hair cut so we went to OU since I need to pay my broadband. After running those errands, we were strolling around as usual to the shops that we usually went. AND AGAIN I FAILED TO RESIST THE TEMPTATIONS TO BUY STUFFSSSSSSSSSS(!!!!) Let's not talk about it heh

I'm back in my hostel now, onlining like always and catching up on the Taiwan drama I've mentioned earlier *wink*

Click on my ads okay? Rest well and sleep early people. Have a nice weekend.


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Euphoria said...

Hey babe!

Glad to know you enjoyed Ne-yo's after party! We definitely did and it was a blast ;)

We've got more exciting events coming up and we hope to see you there again soon

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