Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Twenty-Ten

Hello, I'm back! Decided that my blog seems too empty so here are images to fill up this post :)

CNY this year has so far been GREAT or is there any better word to describe? Well, I definitely manage to spend quality time with the family. The only suckass thing about CNY is all the freaking irresistible food. Damn, I seriously don't have the guts to weigh myself on the weighing machine. Even my face looks rounder now!

Day #1

As I mentioned earlier in my previous post, I went back to my Grandpa's in Miri on the first day of CNY around 9-ish and reached there 2 hours later. I practically spend the whole day visiting my close relatives. I was happy to find out that there is wireless at my Grandpa's so I never live a day w/o facebook and twitter heh

@ Grandpa's

The elder sis and moi

The cousins (15 more are not in the photo)

The parents, uncles and aunts (not complete as well)

Day #2

Went visiting in the morning and shopping later on with the family. I didn't buy anything since I have nothing in mind yet. Spend most of the time going online at Grandpa's in the afternoon and went visiting again at night. Had supper at Sushi King cause one of my cousins was craving for it. So, my family and one of my aunt tagged along. Headed back to Grandpa's at 10-ish, gamble w the cousins and my Dad till 1-ish and hit the sack after that.

The siblings and moi

Daddy's girls

My new toy

One of my fave photos taken by moi

Day #3

Had breakfast with the big family and headed back to Grandpa's after that. I did nothing except going online again. Went visiting in the afternoon and spend the night watching drama. Somehow I have to admit, it's bored. Was supposed to go back to Bintulu on that day but the plan was canceled due to Mum (went shopping with my aunt) and Megan (wanted to stay longer at Grandpa's cause she's having fun for sure).

Laksa Sarawak YUMMEH

Day #4

Headed back to Bintulu early around 8-ish so that I can make it on time for my CNY bai nian gathering with my ex classmates at 10am yet I'm still late for like an hour (sorry guys!) Was out from 11am till 9pm at night, was damn tired once I reached home since I woke up early that day.

And as for my Day #5, I chose to laze around at home after 4 hectic days of visiting and stuffs. Had karaoke at home as well :D

So, there you go. Till then, XOXO!

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