Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Count my fingers


No, it's the 10th of Feb tomorrow and guess what? It's the day I've been waiting for. No, not that someone propose me or something or a special date to remember but it's the day I'm leaving on a jet plane, well not exactly a jet plane like those big big plane that the celebrities have on their own but just a plane back to my hometown. This is what happens when I'm in real euphoria state. I tend to crap a lot and see, I even made a big deal out of the word 'jet' LOL It's okay lah. I'm excited, very excited I tell you :D

Before it was a mess,

Now, it's mm um mm

tidy and ready to go? HAHAHAHA There's a lot of stuffs to bring back including my stuffs and stuffs for the family, so screw heavy bags!

and Thank God my contact lenses arrived just in time! I desperately need them for CNY!

Now I'm really running out of things to say cause I'm sleepy. Gotta head to the airport around 4am cause my flight is around 7am!

Sleep tight everyone. I will update once I'm home so stay tune for more juicy and sizzling stuffs from me :D

Happy holidays!

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