Friday, February 26, 2010

Imma be rockin over that bass treble

Currently @Joe Ann's and I'm staying here over the weekends.

I've totally lost track of the last time I went exercise. Now its the time to burn some stubborn fats and calories after weeks of indulging fine food. I went swimming with Joe Ann this evening at a Panasonic sponsored Kompleks Sukan Negara nearby her house. I think I should do this more often, for my future body's sake. I can feel it's begging badly at me. Okay, fine. Fat is certainly not the new kick. GO FAT GO AWAY~ Too bad I didn't take any photos cause it rained heavily the moment we're about the leave.

Anyway, it definitely feels good and yesterday was great with a company around (: Thanks Joe Ann!

Till then, chao zai mudafucker~ (Pardon me for being harsh, I think I'm influenced by Peter Chao LOL)

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