Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sugar never tasted so good!

Finally last night, the roomie and housemate are back, so we've decided to lepak at our usual spot; the mamak which is just a few metres away from our condo. We had our supper and shi-shaed as well till 12 midnight. Belinda, Joe Ann and Aainaa should really join the next time we're going to shisha cause Suzen is now a pro-shisha-er and she can teach you how to shisha for free of charge LOL

Check SpellingThis is where I usually watch football as well (:
Huff and puff *cough

Elin feeling ectastic already LOL

Chio or not? :p

The 'I can blow out from my nose' attempt :D


Walao, got smoke from her nose?!

Apple flavour tastes better than strawberry flavour I tell you. Anyway, this is only my 2nd time trying shisha. && oh if you're wondering what does chio means, it actually means cool in one of the chinese dialects, I think so heh

Btw, I'm done with my IT presentation and the next is Biology and Chemistry test. 7 more days woohoo!



CathCathCathyyy said...

told ya apple is good, double apple is better if they have it.

Hilda Milda said...

I didn't remember you telling me honey, sorry :3 Okay, will try it out the next time I'm having shisha :DDD