Thursday, February 25, 2010

There's a party in my pants

Happy Thursday people! Kicked start my day with If we ever meet again by Timbaland feat Katy Perry. Since then, I've been singing the song all day, each and every seconds till Elin got sick of that song but still I'm playing it over and over again on my media player now. That song is so catchy for Christ's sake.

I just like this photo up for no reason here but how come my arms seems fairer than my face eh? :O Anyway, Elin took this photo this morning in class and apparently Suzen had the intention to steal my fame cause she knew I will be uploading this photo to my blog HAHAHA right?

So, I bet everyone will be super excited today (except me) because tomorrow is a public holiday pfft I had no plans so far so I guess I'll be stuck in my four-walled cell for four days, FOUR DAYS, can you effin' believe it? Sorry if I tend to be a pussy and keep complaining about being alone all the time, it's simply because I'm not the loner type. I'm just not okay, I wish I could help myself.

Mm, I did nothing much today. Had breakfast with the lovelies at Ali Maju, went grocery shopping at Giant after that and had class from 11am till 4pm.

There you go, photo of the day;

Exclusively dedicated to Man U's fan :D

Yeah, that's all I guess. Life's been pretty fucking bleak lately so I have nothing much to update. Dear Lord, Hilda needs vavavoom. Grant her one okay? (:


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