Sunday, March 21, 2010

My favourite way to spend time is wasting it with you

I can't wait to see my baby boy tomorrow!

But the not-so-exciting part is my mid-term exams, ugh yet I'm happy because of the fact I don't have any classes for two weeks So my exam schedules are as below;

22nd March - English ( I have to write a 500 words essay which I severely dislike)
24th March - Biology
26th March - Chemistry
29th March - Maths
1st April - Physics

and on the 10th of April, I'll be flying back to my hometown! So far I have nothing on mind yet on how to spend my 2 weeks semester break but I feel like having another photoshoot or maybe catching up with those drama that I've been missing out and also start watching GLEE, the series everyone's been talking about. I know I'm a bit late, but blame my internet connection for being such a bitch. Too bad I have to leave my boyfriend alone here and he might cry to bed every night but no worries okay baby, we'll be on the phone every night like I've promised you ;)

Anyway, tonight will be exciting as Man U is going to play against Liverpool. Man U lost to Liverpool on the last match by 1-4 so I hope Man U will kick Liverpool's ass tonight. They better so that I can LOL right at my boyfriend's face :D or else I'm not going to talk for like a week? Heh just kidding!

Kenneth: No matter who wins, we will still love each other.
Hilda: No.

On an unrelated note,

Isn't this purdy? Aww, I wish I can have that leopard printed top and high waist denim shorts

Till then, xoxo!


Nazihah said...

Eh, you can get the top from F21! Or if you want to buy from a cheaper place, Sungei Wang! Super cheap, liao. Hehe : )

Hilda Milda said...

You mean the exact same top? :O Yeah, I'll raid Sg Wang once I finish my exam :p