Friday, March 19, 2010

I wonder if you can hear my heart

Practically, this is what I've been up to the whole week. I'm too lazy to type everything out since there's nothing interesting as well.

Free periods from 9am-12pm on Monday; the boyf and I in the library

Chemistry before lunch on Monday with Mr.Daniel

Psychology on Tuesday; that's Belinda in plaid and I

Karaoke on Wedenesday @ Red box, The Curve; spot me?

Moral Studies on Thursday with Miss Annie

Belinda and I in Moral Studies

@ One Utama after class with Joeann, Suzen and Elin

Malayasian Studies on Friday

As you can see in my last two photos, I got this headband thingy on my head. I bought 2 for rm10 at @ Bonita in One Utama (: Loving it to bits.


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