Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coffee, tea or me?

What comes first to your mind when I say the word ''breakfast"?

Nasi lemak? Roti canai? Curry puffs? French toast? Half boiled eggs?

Heh or worms?

I would rather die than to eat these gross creatures!

So last Monday, Joeann, Elin and I finally get to eat dimsum after months of craving for it. Joeann and I went to Stadium Bukit Jalil Lrt Station to pick Elin up before heading to Taman Oug, which is where the restaurant that sells so far the best dimsum I ever had here.

Egg tarts!


'Tik Kum Yan' tea

Chee cheong fan! My faveeeeeee and it is a must when there's dimsum!

Elin (: and I have no idea what she is doing heh

Joeann aka Tam Jiak in action! Om nom nom~

Me myself and I :D

Refilling more tea before the gossiping session ends heh


So where can you find all these yummy finger licking good dimsum for brekkie? I can't find the actual place of this restaurant in Google Map cause I didn't notice the name of the road so I can't really provide the address and stuffs but I managed to take a picture of the restaurant weeee


We spent at least 2 hours there, indulging those yummy dimsum and sipping tea (: Had a great time for sure but too bad Suzen, Sie Yii and Belinda weren't there. I really miss hanging out when there were all six of us.

Anyway, Happy Holidays guys! Can't wait to see the five of you in another two weeks!

P/s: Sorry for delaying this post (:


~J'@nn~ said...

tam chiak? again? =(

Hilda Milda said...

yes yes, me also ma :D HAHAHA