Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The hollydays has just begun!

All these 3 posts are so overdue, pardon me for my laziness to edit all the photos and add in my watermark as well. So feel free to feast your eyes w the photos below since I'm not going to type much.

& this is what I did on Saturday night

The one smiling so happily is the host (:

Joeann tam chiak! :D

Charan and Zhen Ru

BBQ is not a BBQ w/o chicken wings heh

Watching Man U vs Chelsea match // again you see tam chiak

The middle one is Natalie (:

Sabir & Nikita

Aainaa and I ♥

The pretty ladiesssssss *hot and sizzling*

Juggling potato as the highlight of the night LOL

Let's start the drinking game woots


Joeann laughing to herself cause she got a power card!

I drank two cups and my face was as red as a tomato, thank God there is no sign of rashes the next day but the it contains 19.5% of alcohol. Headed home around 12am and boy we had a blast!

Did I mention that Man U lost to Chelsea that night? They are just lucky because Rooney was not playing, even Ancelotti said so -________- and I feel like vomitting everytime I see Drogba! Si beh lansi ugh It seems that the EPL title is slowing drifting away from Man U wtf

Sorry for the rather pointless posts, I had really lost my mojo to blog. Prolly because my brain is on holiday as well.


~J'@nn~ said...

ngo zhong yi sek ar, ngm tak meh?? but both pictures also hotdog hor?? hahaa!!!

Hilda Milda said...

yalah! tam chiak tam chiak :D