Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's like a dream comes true!

I WON MYSELF PASSES TO MTVWORLDSTAGE 2010 LIVE IN MALAYSIA! OMG, I can't believe this is happening! *pinch/slap myself* Okay, that hurts, nah I'm not dreaming.

For those who followed me on twitter, I bet you guys are annoyed about how desperate I wanted to win those passes to MTVWorldStage so badly. I was tweeting about it day and night!

This is what I've been doing. Spotting the black naked man aka Jr. and the bee!

I've been trying for the last whole week and I ended up nothing, YES, NOTHING. My sister was kind enough to help me as well, but yet there's nothing sigh I'm sort of giving up alrdy and I didn't really go after those passes this week. Then, this is what happened early this morning. When I was just about to go offline, the boyf asked me if I wanted to give it a try again since the remaining time for the next giveaway session was just 7 mins away. So I waited for the giveaway session to start and I slowly clicked through the other tabs one by one when there's nothing on the homepage. Finally, I found a tiny jr at the bottom left corner in the win passes page! I was rather shocked than excited when I found it and I can't stop myself from saying OMG. Srsly I didn't see that coming for Christ's sake!

It's there. Small black tiny jr holding a win pass.

I quickly clicked it and yes a window popped up, congratulating me and asking a Q&A and my personal details. The Q&A was "WHERE IS MTVWORLDSTAGE 2010 WILL BE HELD?" and there will be mutiple choices answers, fret not. I can't remember the choices that are available but the answer is pretty obvious. Thank God my question was not a killer! Click submit after answering the question and you will get something like this as shown below (:

Later on, they will send a verification mail to your mail asking for your mailing address.

Click on the link to proceed to the next step

Make sure you type in the correct mailing address and double check it!

And all you have to do now is check your mailbox everyday! HAH, just kidding :D


In case you don't recognize them, there are Katy Perry (ZOMG!), Wondergirls (OMG!), Tokio Hotel and Buckface. I shall go download all of their songs and start memorizing the lyrics now. I'm not kidding (serious face) since I'm so free and it would be hell yeah fun to sing-a-long during the concert woots I can't wait for it now. SEE YOU GUYS ON THE 31ST OF JULY AT SUNWAY LAGOON!

Thanks to the boyf! Thanks to my sister too for the address yet sorry to call you at 1am heh and lotsa thanks to MTVASIA for those passes! You guys rock!



ajjah said...


Glo-w~* said...

congrtas^^ can u bring me along? ^^

SonnyKazu said...

oh my... u should gimme one of your passes! I wanna GO!!! :(

btw, congratz to you! :P

sMoochie said...

super blur when u called. tot wat happened. luckily didnt sms u the wrong address.

congrats, anyway!

Thristhan said...

Congrats gorgeous :). Have you found a date for the night already?

atreyu strange said...

I won it on Monday morning. It came as a surprise too. Huhu. I will be writing a post about it tonight! Congratz to both of us! Hehe..

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Heh, my friend actually got a pair of media passes =X Should I go or not XD

Shiselle said...

wow cool! Grats!!! :D

Yin Mun~Moon said...

Congrats :-)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

OMG~u get to see wondergirls!

shadowburble said...

congratssss!!! :D

Ronikenz said...

One word = congratulations girl! :O

Jan said...

I'm jealouss! D: I wanna see Katy Perry!! Bring me?? :D