Friday, July 2, 2010

Bikinis, tankinis, martinis;

California Malaysia girls, We're unforgettable
Daisy Dukes Bikinis on top ♬
Sun-kissed skin so hot
Will melt your popsicle ♫ ♪

Sorry to disappoint you if you're expecting photos of babes with bikinis by the beach, (stop drooling) this is just a random post filled w/ my ugly photos if you don't mind :3 Happy Tuesday, Joe Ann picked me up before heading to Midvalley and Sunway and had a sleepover at her house that night. Let the pictures start talking!

Outfit of the day and hey, the boyf is on my phone's wallpaper :)

Meet my second and third boyf -- I love love love you guys

Pssssst, dial 7 for SEXY!

I'm tiny and short (maybe a tad fat), do you have a problem w/ that?

Mesmerizing sunset

Invading Joeann's canon EOS 550D

Guilty pleasure *yikes* Finally got myself the denim shorts from Cotton ON!

WHY SO SERIOUS?! Thanks to vince92 and GTB for this caption LOL

&& the boyf honestly tells me that he doesn't like this picture of mine HAHAHA

Someone is enjoying herself w/ crossing legs pose :p

Something just got into us and we decided to stay up to watch Portugal vs Spain game yet I ended up sleeping on the couch during the entire second half and woke up for while when Joe Ann was yelling GOAL at the 62nd minute and I slept back again after that -__-

Watching Shaun the sheep while waiting for WC (Portugal vs Spain) LOL

This cartoon srsly reminds me of Megan, my younger sister who will watch this early in the morning before she goes to school ;) and my Mum thinks that this is the silly-est show ever!

Someone is updating her blog :p

and as for me, I'm painting my nails and these are my toolsssss; Turqoise nail colour from Elianto and top coat from The Face Shop

Nice, not? This is like the IN COLOUR now :p



Vin Tsen Gan said...

Eh what happen ah, your blog all kena strikeout one ==

kenwooi said...

im strike-out-ed too! =P

~J'@nn~ said...

yea, that someone is reading strikeout blog, haha!!

Serene said...

you're not fat at all! pffft.

drop by here!

xiaofu said...

hihi, nanged for u...

hmmm... maybe i should get that sheep dvd... my girl, megan too, always watching the same mickey mouse clubhouse b4 going to childcare... and i have to wait for the show to finish, every morning... :S

Shuwen said...

woots love the cotton on shorts ! :B

v!vi@n said... dream canon 550d...i like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting too!

Jessy said...

i have the same nail colour.. Blek! Eliantto!

suhaisweet said...

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Karia said...

Turquoise nail colour is in all because of Hatsune Miku, I guess...

JoYce said...

your post makes me ITCH to go shopping!!LOL. :D

Зו В๑๑i™ •× said...

nanged =)

Where got fat laaaaaaa

keLiCious said...

**Foot Print**
I like ur nails color!!
Thanks for your nanged!!
I've nanged and clicked on ur adv.

LeneLene said...

Ooo... The turquoise nail polish looks so nice on you. Feel like getting myself one! ^^

Roza said...

i love that colour!!
i want one *.*

looks like you had fun hilda :)
oh and in reply to ur comment, i got a small infection on my finger, haven't a clueh ow htough

take care :)

❤ wai shen said...

you're such a playgirl, hilda ;P love that pic of you! and stop stalking your sister lah ;D

Yin Mun~Moon said...

I like your new nail colour dear :-) Nice...

And i have linked you into my blog too.