Thursday, July 1, 2010

You don’t like me — you just want the attention

Currently listening to Valentine by Kina Grannis (the lyrics is just so nice ♪) and btw it's pouring out there. Kenneth Wong, I miss you T___T

Time has been pasting insanely fast, no jokes. It's the first of July alrdy? What happened to June? June was overall the best month so far! (minus the two weeks of gruesome finals of course) and yeah I'm enjoying my holidays by not doing anything much although I have heaps of things to do in my list as you can see in my previous post. I'm just taking things slowly, okay that is obviously a lie. At least I did something productive when world cup let me hurl stuffs at the television/laptop when some dumb players can't even kick the ball into the goal, no? Well, that is a lie too. Yes, I'm depressed cause Portugal is out from WC alrdy so Argentina FTW now?

I've been going out for the past two days and I'm totally worn out since I didn't get much sleep. I went out w/ Joe Ann in the mission of hunting for clay and went to college the next day to get my result and settle some application/hostel/refund thingy. Yes, my result is finally out and I've got a total CGPA of 3.51 YAY I can say it's not very excellent but I'm happy and proud of myself (: Gotta wait for the transcript at the moment in order to get my offer letter asap. No plans yet for this remaining week and next, I can tell that it's a sign to start busting my ass and get my stuffs done! I should be excited but now it's the other way round pfft

&& Dad is getting me a new laptop *squealing in happiness wtf* I didn't even ask for it okay! :DDD Shall start surveying and laptop shopping w/ a green eyed monster (the elder sis) :p

On an unrelated note, I've finished watching The Mysteries of Love (hongkong drama) last Sunday! 25 episodes of it :D

&& I'm a fickle-minded person since I can't decide either;
  • to cut my my uber long front hair or not (after months of consideration)
  • to change my boring blog layout or not
  • to keep my LAN/Sem3 subjects notes or not
  • to sell my shitloads clothes that I'm not wearing or not
HELPPPPPPPPP! I just can't make up my mind D:

Waiting for 11:11 so that I could make a wish wtf



❤ wai shen said...

Congrats on your excellent results Hilda! (Yes I think it is!) and on your new lappie soon :O You deserve it ;)

HenRy LeE ® said...


Bernard Patrick Chung said...

You only Jacob Blake!!! tsk tsk tsk////