Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bundles of joy

July has been so far so great, indeed a blissful month. It's not even August yet but time sure flies since my holiday has come to an end tomorrow and orientation is going to start this Monday! Excited? YES, I AM! Though I'm moving back to hostel which is located at another new campus @ Jalan Universiti tomorrow and how I wish I could fast forward the cleaning up and unpacking part D: but the best part is I'm having Joeann and Elin as my roommies ♥

So, you must have been waiting for me to pour out the joy that I've been yadaa-ing about? Let's get started, shall we? (;

Today, I heard someone knocking on my door this afternoon while I was still sleeping. Feeling annoyed, I don't even feel like getting up and check who the hell it is. So I took my phone and to my surprise, I received 49 missed calls and 2 text messages from the boyf! I checked the last text message and rushed to the door and the boyf is standing right outside the door! I didn't have my glasses on cause HE IS DEFINITELY THE LAST PERSON WHO I EXPECT TO SEE AT THE DOOR! He came all the way from Selayang to surprise me(!) and it took him 20 minutes to walk from the KTM station to my apartment OMG Apparently, he left his car at Batu Tiga KTM station cause he doesn't want to get lost driving here for the second time -___-

So I quickly rush to the toilet and get ready to go for lunch w/ him at the nearest Pizza Hut. We managed to spend only an hour together before he left. It's been a while right, baby? Thanks for the sacrifice, like srsly. I never see that coming, NEVER. I love you!

Moving on...

On Tuesday, I received this free haul from Hada Labo, thanks so much :D it's actually a sample of the moisturizing lotion (9ml) and the moisturizing cream that I got by just filling the form in facebook heh I love free samples, who doesn't?

And not to forget, a yellow piece of paper informing me to collect my MTV WorldStage passes YAY from the post office since I missed the postman. I was not even aware that he paid me a visit, next time at least yell at me or knock louder on my door, like how my boyf did :p

So I collected it on Thursday which is merely by luck as well. I was out that day to Kota Damansara for a nail event and I missed the 4.10pm train to Klang when Joe Ann dropped me @ Shah Alam KTM station. So I have to wait until the next train which is at 4.40pm and it will take me around 20 mins to reach Klang and the post office might be closed already by the time I reach. I was waiting impatiently for the train while cursing and swearing on the phone w/ the boyf :p and the train even delayed! By the time I reached, it was 4.58pm and I ran all the way to the post office which is opposite of the KTM station :3 and on my way running, I still got the time to say HI to Ah Xian, a famous Astro AEC host LOL The post office's counter was closed when I reached there and I still ran in and asked for my passes. I kept saying sorry for no reason HAHA and yes, the officer helped me and passed me my passes HURRAH God still loves me after all, of course he does :D


It came all the way from Singapore yaw

The back of the envelope - mad chio wehh

See, there is even design inside the envelope :O

My two precious passes *jumping like a mad woman*

Close up :p

This year and last year passes; such big difference eh?

&& I got my third sugarbunnies on that day too weeeee

Meet Shirousa, (しろうさ) which is also known as the white bunny ;)

My three babies, one more to complete the whole collection YAY

My current nail - extended with french manicure

and I must say it's not easy at all to handle such nails! I got a really hard time getting used to it at first, either when it comes to typing on the phone keypad/laptop keyboard or mm picking my nose putting on contact lens. I wonder how Cheesie or Xiaxue could have survive with these kind of nails with even 3D effects on it. Do they hire a maid to help them or something? Ughh

Last but not least,

I'm officially going to MTVWORLDSTAGE LIVE IN MSIA 2010 ♥♥♥

but wait, what to wear? oh darn!


P/S: Sorry for such a lengthy and wordy post! I just feel like blurting everything out tonight while people are enjoying their ass off @ Bon Odori or @ Zouk with Mizz Nina launching her first new album teehee


TOLANIC said...

YYour nails are so white!!!! What did you put? Liquid paper ka?

Chuen said...

awesome tickets! the monkey looks like the one frm Toy Story 3. lol

SiMon Har said...

i wan the tickets! arrgh! it's so hard to get 1 in the MTV website!

KwOnG FeI said...

wow.. ur bf really did a great job..
ur birthday?

Lukey Cher Hong said...

wow a surprise bf visit and lots of free goodies? u're one lucky girl! quadruple the happiness with lukey the handsome dropping by in ur blog... hahaha

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

v!vi@n said...

wow....he is so sweet!! and you got the mtv tics...hope you enjoy!!!

Zenghoong said...

Wow, so many surprises from him. :)

Joanne Tee said...


Mindy said...

it's so sweet to have bf at the doorstep when u least expect him to =)