Sunday, July 18, 2010

All hail the nails!

The moment you all have been waiting for! *perasan* P/S: This post is going to be overloaded by tons of pictures, so beware RAWR

It's a few minutes after ten and guess where were we? Too bad it's not a quarter after one, so I can't sing Lady Antebellum's song LOL so lame, I know.

Last Thursday, Joeann, Belinda and I went to a nail saloon called Harmony in Kota Damansare to volunteer our precious fingers for a group of manicurist-to-be who flew all the way from Miri, Sarawak to sit for their so called exam. So Joeann and I meet up Belinda for breakfast and Elin joined us later, she was the photographer while we had our nails done.

#1. The excited face and I :D

#2. leopard print nails art and many more on display! *jakun*

Harmony looks like a decent place. The softness of the wall colour and the whole simple theme just make the place looks very comfortable and cosy too. It's spacious too!

While waiting for them to get brief on what to do during the exam, we sort of had some extra time to spare. So we quickly took some pictures of the place while walking around and checking out their stuffs :)

#3. The pedicure area; the chair looks so comfy till you feel like bouncing on them!

#4. My jaw literally dropped the moment I saw this wall :O no kidding!

#5. OPIs with different shades are available too!

#6. More stuffs

#7. Photo of the day; my favourite! Complete the place with a tad of classy look.

#8. Spotted a blinged Hello Kitty hanging there!

#9. My nails before the makeover LOL

Too bad we're not getting our nails done in this comfy area but more to like in a classroom, where they are long tables arranged neatly in a room. I've mentioned earlier that it was sort of a exam right, so yeah.

#10. Look at all these junks!

#11. Their mission possible tool kits

#12. We the queens; Belinda, Me and Joeann :D

So, first thing first. They gave me an express manicure, starting off with stanizing my hand, giving me a light massage, cutting my nails shorter and removing the cuticle as well.

#13. Putting on nail sculpture on one of my fingers

#14. Gel extension

#15. Drying the gel using UV light

#16. Enjoy the tickling sensation on both hands under the UV light wtf

#17. Removing the nail sculpture when the gel is dry and firm

#18. Next, moving on to acrylic extension

#19. I hate this part right here; filing my nails. It feels like grinding your own teeth ugh

#20. Love this portrait!

#21. After filing, this ugly duckling will transform into a .....

#22. Wait, a little buffering is required beforehand

#23. Some rub of love is needed too roflmao *please be patience!*

#24. Voila, shiny swan! LOL this is magic, I tell you

The filing and buffing still continue with more filling and buffing, a slight touch up after that together with a french manicure, FINALLY it's a wrap woots

#25. Showing off before letting the examiner to check them :p

#26. Some awesome presentations made by the students for a mini competition, nice right?

#27. Belinda and her manicurist who is a sister to her boyfriend's friend. Do you get me?

Well, loads of thanks to the both of them for this splendid experience, they broke my manicure virginity, pretty much my very first time to get my fingers laid to be pampered but this doesn't really count as manicure, I suppose. I should get a real one after all these very annoying extensions rip off by themselves. Be fast please, I can't wait any longer!

Thanks a lot to Harmony as well for their warm welcome and friendly hospitality and not the forget the goodie bag that is worth RM150! I couldn't believe it as well, why so generous?! We were not even doing anything or helping except waiting to get our nails done by 2 and a half hour *melts*

#28. The goodies are in this golden glitterish pouch *peep*

#29. A set of China Glaze french manicure set and a bottle of hand lotion *squeals*

Last but not least, details of Harmony below :)



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LeneLene said...

Oh..!!! I'm sure I don't wanna miss it! Gonna stay tune for your next update ^^

Zenghoong said...

oooOO. gonna draw on ur nails?

TOLANIC said...

Fuahh, don’t scratch me!

J.k.Cason said...

WOI WOMAN!!! how come you can get a set of FRENCH MANICURE SET???!!!!
(4 angry faces :@ :@!!!)
and at the moment that i desperately want to do french manicure!!! ewww!!
nvm..tomolo going to get a set =) nice nails btw =)

27lilian said...

AAAAAAA! SO nice the pictures! I love the nail polish bottles! That looks realllly professional :D Hehe, nice nails btw :)

Serene said...

manicure for free? D:

drop by here!

adamYam said...

gals gals gals!!hhahah

Anonymous said...

i never do any manicure before! looks good!

ken said...

ladies and their fav.. lol =P

KwOnG FeI said...

wat.. just become model get ur manicure done and 150 goodies bag..
can i volunteer too..
nice one u had..

LeneLene said...

Arrrghh..!!!! I want those goodies

Lukey Cher Hong said...

haha i wanna do my nails there too! maybe get myself a hello kitty design

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

Ronnie said...

hey...just like that... no patterns ? no flowers ?? ... anyway..nice finger of yours...!!!

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oh...i m jealous, i have only done my nail for once!! but not with the acrylic extension!!!! so nice leh..

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i have never done my nails before

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I love pretty nails!!

Eunice Mayhoong said...

omg,i'm so jealous of you!!! =)

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**Foot Print**
U just did a plain design? Why no 3d art? When my last visit? Lost count..! Miss it..-.-
Thanks for your nanged.!
I've Nanged and clicked on ur ads!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Ahhh! The sports bra!! XD

Dewi Batrishya said...

whoa! U went to Nail Heaven! O.O

Yin Mun~Moon said...

I love this blog :-) Nice nails~