Thursday, July 8, 2010

Of sizzles and laughter,

Last Monday, the boyf came all the way from Selayang to Klang (Thanks to Google Map) just to fetch me to his classmates small gathering and yeah he got lost when he was about to reach my place HAHAHA so he took a total amount of one hour to get to his princess LOL so I quickly got ready and packed my stuffs and off we went at around 4pm :D As you can see, there are no photos of us taken in the car since I have to concentrate and guide him the way out from Klang to Kepong, yes I'm a MANUALLY talking and alive GPS wtf

We safely arrived at Lynn's house 40 mins later and we started our home-made teppanyaki and nomming right away zz

Feast your eyes, people!

#1. First time seeing a pink cooper on the road! *jakun mode*

#2. Future successful housewives cooking!

#3. Sizzling lambchops; highlight of the day

#4. Hey! Meet me and my colourful icecream :3

#5. More noms waiting to be cooked -- Yummeh!

#6. Sausages to prawns and to squids-- om nom nom nomz

#7. From left to right -- Chelsey, Me, Kee and Lynn

#8. The retard looking boyf

#9. Candles were lit up to chase away those stubborn flies -.-

#10. Salads and more greens, best eaten w/ sesame sauce (Chelsey's fave)

#11. Left to right: Fish fingers, tofu and mushroom w/ kombu sauce and lamb chopz

#12. Chef of the day who wants to sell burger one day xD

#13. Cheese sausages YUMS

#14. Teppayaki-ed squids w/ kombu sauce *double thumbs up for this*

#15. A better close up :D

#16. From BBQ sauce to Kombu sauce and Mint sauce and Tartar sauce and even wasabi! (You name it, we got it)

#17. Marshmallow and chips!

#18. Lynn's cute bunny! It's so fluffy I'm gonna DIEEEEEEEEE :D

#19. Trying to set up the fire for bbq-ing marshmallow YAY

#20. The girls sure know how to pose ;) Look here, boyf!

#21. Grab your hula dress and dance around the fire wtf HAHA

#22. Can't wait to lay our hands on it alrdy!

#23. Sweet tooth!!

#24. The time has come, dessert time!

#25. My burnt marshmallow; crunchy on the outside, melting in the inside fuhhhh

#26. Teehee

#27. Can you see it's melting? :O

#28. Somebody call 911, fire burning on the Kee's marshmallow ♫ ♪

#29. The boyf had extra dessert, waffles w/ strawberry syrup made by Kee!

After the dessert and cleaning up, we headed to Desa Parkcity to have a walk since I've never been there before. The boyf has always wanted to bring me there cause according to him, the place was lovely teehee so why not? Since we're all nearby that time :)

#30. Desa Parkcity in Kepong (:

#31. Loving the lights and its reflection by the lake (it's oh so romantic)

#32. Chelsey and Lynn ;)

After strolling at the park for quite some time, the boyf sent me back to Lynn's house as Kee and I were staying over for the night :D Had a quick shower and some girls/pillow talk before hitting the sack at 1.30am.

Indeed it was a great time spent with both the boyf and the girls ♥ Too bad Waishen, Eugene and Rodney couldn't make it this time, I bet it would a lot more merrier with them around. Can't wait for the next one tho, perhaps next holiday? ;)

Special thanks to Lynn's Mum (Aunty Margaret) for her yummy coookings and Lynn too for such great hospitality! I really enjoyed it.


kenwooi said...

makannnn! =D

suhaisweet said...

Visiting here my friend..Nice..My latest in innit 4 today Haha..

TOLANIC said...

Wow, I can see Belgian waffle! Is that homemade? A ha, you know the roads more than your BF. How come so opposite one? =)

Vin Tsen Gan said...


Black Jeopardy said...

Rabbits are actually 60 percent marshmallow. That's why THEY'RE SO FLUFFY YOU COULD DIEE!!!!

♥Nicole's♥ said...

I love the bbq u guys having!! yummy!!

Victor Tan said...

havent try burning marshmellows b4, must be nice =)

sMoochie said...

hungrehhh, i wan a bbq!

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

must plan a bbq this weekend!

Ronikenz said... romantic! LOLOL. you guys are such lovely couples that i shall BREAK YOU UP. Huahuahua. Kidding.

v!vi@n said...

haiyo...y at home oso can have so many good ideas one..i love the squid, the burn marshmallow and the waffle...and you remind me it has been a long time since i last had bbq....

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

what a nice day for bbQ~ yummy!

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
good outing..!
thanks for visiting!!
Nanged n clicked on ur adv!!! ^^

Zenghoong said...

So much food! *drools*

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Guys are always lack of good sense in direction, no jokes. *grin*

TOLANIC said...

@Rolling Fumbling Thug:
A ha, not really! =)