Friday, July 9, 2010

Ver Jay Jay

Thanks to the pervy doctor in The Back-up Plan movie who keeps repeating the word vagina, it's getting contagious now. So that's how my post title comes from HAH random much. I must tell you that Alex O'Loughlin is such an eye candy though he does look a bit old lol and not to forget Jennifer Lopez as the pretty diva, loving her nude makeup in the movie.

Love the quality time I get to spent with Joeann & Elin yesterday (L) We meet up at Vivo American Pizza (will blog about it soon) and watched The Back-up Plan after that. Elin and I got ourselves the pink sugarbunnies Hurrah, 2 more to complete the whole collection teehee The fun continued till late at night when we randomly feel like cooking instant noodles for supper cause the three of us were hungry HAHA then later watched horror movie in the dark and ended w/ pillow talks before the three of us dozed up at 4am!

Currently listening to Dynamite by Taio Cruz while nomming bbq chicken wings yums regardless of the weight I'm gonna gain --;

Thank God, I've settled almost everything in college from getting my transcript (but it's misprinted wtf) to receiving my offer letter YAY and miscellaneous including hostel and fee yadaa yadaa yadaa moving on Registration day on Sunday and orientation is going to start the next day, Monday :D Hell yeah I'm excited cause I'm no longer a Foundation in Science student but is going to be a degree student (BSc Hons in Physiotherapy) *pat self* The day is finally here.

Not gonna crap more cause I'm all worn out and weary. Been very busy the whole day, totally restless -.- It's a wrap(!) and I'm calling this a day. To my baby boy, check out my blog sharp at midnight *kissy kiss* Night night~

P/S: There is a bloody ulcer in my upper right gum that is bugging me now *screaming in pain*


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