Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Forever young

There is this thing that keeps me occupied this week and I can't stand a day without spending time on it. It's too overwhelming and addictive!

Curious and wondering what that thing could possibly be? Lemme tell you this not-dirty-little secret ;)

PLAYING PET SOCIETY ON FB! (Now, laugh as loud as you want)

Fyi, this is the only game I'm play in fb cause my sorority life died long time ago -__-

It's fast food week YAY

Check out the latest interior of my pet's house :D

So adorable right? Say YES!

Wondering why am I so into this childishfun game?

Because the will of defeating Elin so badly motivates me :D I'm gonna catch up no matter what it takes! I'm just 10k paw points away from her, I can do it. I'm srsly desperate to an extend that I will shower and feed every pet that I visit wtf aren't I suppose to act like a 9teen year old? But who say 9teen cannot play game liddis?! Blehhh :P

Anyways, next post coming up will be 140 000 things to be happy about :B No, scratch that. That would be impossible! (Pardon me, I'm having sugar rush at the moment)



❤ wai shen said...

haha so cute! i used to be hooked on poker too ;)

TOLANIC said...

Long time no play this game already. =)

27lilian said...


Especially when it's christmas season for them ; you get to buy christmas trees for them :') how cute are they <3

Lukey Cher Hong said...

haha can't blame u la, FB games are addictive. and u have a cute pet! LOL

Dropped by from

elin said...

YA RIGHT!!..Defeating me huh!!
lets see who is the winner at the last! Grrrrr..
btw, my pet is cuter than yours XDDD