Monday, August 9, 2010

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,

that’s alright because I like the way this Chili Pan Mee tastes (Y)

Last Saturday, after the book hunting and PC Fair chaos, Joeann and I went all the way through the bad jam to USJ9 just to eat the best Chili Pan Mee ever (NO, I'M NOT KIDDING) cause I was craving for it so badly on Friday :p That was my second time there while it's Joeann's first. Thanks to Belinda who introduced me this oh-so-delicious Chili Pan Mee few months ago.

Welcome to Super Kitchen Restaurant that is well known for its Chili Pan Mee!

#1. The menu

They do serve a variety of Pan Mee but I only go there for their Chili Pan Mee. Yet to try the Curry Pan Mee next time (; They have others too beside Pan Mee as you can see.

#2. YAY The Chili Pan Mee that I've been talking about is finally here!

#3. Never miss camwhoring with the food teehee

#4. What is Chili Pan Mee w/o the chili right?

It's a tad spicy even with a small amount so don't put too much or else your tongue will really burn I tell you (cause that's what happened to me lol) HAHAHA Somebody call 911, someone's tongue is fire burning in the restaurant uuu woo oh wtf

#5. Joeann who has alrdy added her chili and is ready to indulge it anytime om nomz nomz~

#6. Mine! Drooling alrdy while taking this photo :p

According to the instruction on HOW TO EAT CHILI PAN MEE that is stick on the both side of the walls of the restaurant, it says
  1. First, you measure how much chili you want to put in your bowl.
  2. Then you either put it directly into your bowl (like picture no #6) or you can eat it separately (like the picture no #7 below)
  3. Next, you can proceed by mixing everything together &
  4. Lastly, EAT it while it's still hot; YUMMY!

#7. I ended up not adding that small plate of chili that I took extra -__-

Close up timeeeee!

#8. The egg is still wobbly when you shake your bowl.

Fyi, I'm a person who don't eat egg yolk (either hard boiled or fried, what to say uncooked!) but I have no problem when it comes to this Chili Pan Mee cause thank God there is no smell of the yolk at all! If you get what I say? LOL

#9. Love the fragrant smell of the fried onion too (:

#10. Juicy minced meat (strictly non halal) and very crispy anchovies!!

#11. After mixing everything together, trust me you will slurp all the way!

10 minutes later,






#12 The aftermath! I even finished the whole bowl of soup :D
#13. Tissue boxes stick on the wall, available at every tables at the side lol

Don't worry about not having sufficient tissue to wipe the dripping from your nose or even tears when it's too spicy cause they provide tissue on the wall! Too bad it doesn't come in handy for people who have short upper limbs like I do -__- I need to push my chair back and stretch with all my might to reach it sigh

#14. Everything is neat and tidy in the restaurant, I loike ;)

#15. This restaurant was even reviewed on the newspaper! Don't play play okay.

#16. My herbal tea

#17. The restaurant's brochure

In case you think that USJ is a bit far our of your reach, no worries mates. This restaurant comes in another 5 other branches, yes, 5! Located @ Batu Road, Cheras (Yew Lik), Kepong (Beside Carrefour), Kota Damansara(PJU5), and SS2 (Chao Yang PJ) respectively.

So what are you waiting for? :D Go to the nearest Chili Pan Mee restaurant near you now!


27lilian said...

YUMMY YUMMY! I love malaysian food so so so so much!! Cheap and delicious! FOOD IS LOVE <3

Doris Lai said...

mind to drop the address location of the chili pan mee? so that I can go and try it and compare it with KIN KIN Chili pan mee.... which i had posted in last few month ago.

Ronnie said...

Wow...Love those Chillis !!

carmen said...

i love chili pan mee so much!!!
it's so it!

toninkush said...

looks spicy. i dont like spicy foods! =p

ken said...

i wanttt!

jfook said...

I'm hungry alreadyyy

Casendra said...

Hahha...we intro the same thing! Seems like USJ's branch has the biggest portion...nice shot!

LeneLene said...

Where is this?

vialentino said...

delicious ler...cant wait to try it

JoYce said...

OMG..there's so many chilli pan mee shop i don't really know which IS supposed to be the best. LOL. Looks good. You're making me drool!!!!

M-Knight said...

yum yum.....

Everlyn said...

Yummy =D

v a m p i r e said...

is this the outlet in SS2?

i love the place the pan mee is awesome

the tauffu with thai sauce and peanuts is yummy too

hot on the outside soft inside *yummmmm

Jiashinlee said...

must try must try :D i love spicy food and hopefully they are better than mian dui mian