Sunday, August 1, 2010


31st July 2010, the day that I've been waiting since ages is finally here YAY I'm @ MTVWORLDSTAGE yo! It was amazingly an awesome possum experience and the only concert that I've attended this year.

P/S: Photos shown below are not in their best quality compared to other blogger's that I've seen. I bet my post will be the most lousy one sigh Definitely my bad cause it was raining that day and the camera is running out of battery && sorry that I didn't post any videos too OH WELL ):

The boyf picked me up around 10-ish and off we go to Sunway Pyramid. It was a tad jammed on the Federal Highway but luckily we still managed to reach after 20 minutes. Meet up with Joeann @ the parking lot beside the pyramid and went for lunch @ Fullhouse with Lynn Teng as well (:

After lunch, we went back to the entrance of the lagoon to check out the queue and it's alrdy quite long :O so I started queue-ing up with the boyf and Joeann while texting Lynn to bring us some umbrellas and newspaper to sit on :p

#1. It's freaking hot out there!

#2. Look at the queue(!) and it's only 1pm for God's sake

#3 Nice sky to look at but I'm staying under the umbrella ella ella ey~

#4. Vain to the max photos *puke* and I had McFlurry Oreo while waiting :D

#5 Group photo; (from left to right) Vincent, Kee, Lynn and Joeann while the boyf and I at the back. Too bad Wai Shen and Jenn wasn't there yet ):


#7. Xpax with some unknown local singers -__- bloody boring!

The entrance was supposed to be opened at 4pm but it delayed till 5pm if I'm not mistaken and you have no idea how excited I was that time! The crowd was srsly mad I tell you, can't stop pushing and squeezing in their way ugh annoying much! The boyf and I made it in first (we ran like nobody business okay lol), followed by Kee and Vincent, Joeann came in after that before Lynn and Bear bear made it (:

#8. Our stamps got smudged ): cause of the sweat wtf

#9. It sure was empty when we made it in :O and we were in the second row in the normal zone weeee

#10. The stage, cool right?

#11. The sky turned dark out of the sudden and we all knew that it was going to rain BOO! It did turn out raining and guess what I was soaked in the heavy rain for almost an hour. I was lazy to put the raincoat provided on cause I found it rather useless, we will still get wet after all so just partyyyy people! In the end, I've got a severe headache the next day FML

#12. Lucky them who were in the x-zone, how I wish I was in there!

#13. Joeann (:

#14. Hello, ni hao :D

#15. Say hello to the crowd who has started to build up

#16. During the countdown, the moment you guys have been waiting for *drumrolls*

#17. The four hosts of the night, VJs from MTV

#18. Malaysia very own Bunkface!

#19. She's the prom queen, top 5 in magazine~

#20. HEY HO, LET'S GO *jumping up and down*

#21. They rock heaps woot woot

#21. Everyone, put yr hands up for BUNKFACE *screammssss*

#22. The vocalist ;)

Overall, they sang at least 6 songs but I only knew three of them which are Prom Queen, Situasi and Through My Window. Why didn't they sing Silly Lily? D: I was expecting that!

Next up, hot stuffs from KOREA! It's the wondergirlsssssss~

#23. They were in cages once the curtains were opened wow oh wow

#24. Wonder Girls' 2 Different Tears, we sure love Yenny's vocals and Yubin's rapping!

#25. OMG, they are in their signature golden dress, damn pretty one :D

and their performances ended with fireworks awwww I only sang along during they are performing Nobody cause the rest of their songs were sang in korean FML

After waited for almost AN HOUR(!) cause of the stupid rain, we finally had Tokio Hotel all the way from Germany on stage!

#26. Bill Kaulitz on the screen, so hot so hot *faints*

#27. Look at Bill rocked with his sunglasses and a futuristic outfit *drools*

#28. Making an entrance with a bike, cool or not you tell me?!

#29. So skinny and he sure was fire burning on the stage!

#30. Not to forget the awesome drummer :D

#31. Loving these different graphics shown before Bill started singing World Behind my Wall ♥

There were so much of euphoria and bittersweetness during Tokio Hotel's performances and I can really see lots of people screaming at the top of their lungs. Epic, really. Too bad I was not really into them so I only knew 3 of the songs that they performed that night lol


If it's not for her, I won't be standing for 6 hours just to wait and see her on stage cause she's the last one among the line ups!
#32. Katy Perry on a gigantic banana split yaw :3 She sure looks fab in a white tutu, like a ballerina. Kicked off with California Gurls!

#33. Yummy!

#34. Singing Teenage Dream, her latest single and I'm lovin' it ♥

#35. Waking up in Vegas, she made the whole crowd goes krazzy!

#36. Ka-Ching! Graphics of slot machines, so trippy!

#37. Katy Perry: ' I KISS WHAT?' The crowd: ' I KISSED A GIRL! '

#38. Thinking of you; I literally feel like crying at the moment when the crowd sang along as well.

#39. PEACOCK! One of her latest favourite single and we're the first one to hear it OH YEAH SO CATCHY~

#40. Huge beach balls being rolled around in the crowd, that was insane!

#41. More fireworks at the end of the concert (Y)

Thanks for the sugar high Katy, that was an awesome set for sure!!!! I quickly dragged the boyf out once Katy Perry finished performing cause I can't stand anymore. Imagine my feet was soaked in my sneakers for almost 6 hours and I can't feel a thing anymore after the concert. My legs hurt as well for waiting too long cause there's always a more than 30 mins break after every artist performed and we were sick of the same ads that keep playing on the screen wtf MTV Asia really sucks balls due to the technical errors and difficulties, there should be an improvement! & I have no choice but to blame to weather but then the crowd seem to enjoy it! Sun or rain can't stop them from partying! Too bad I wasn't really enjoying myself due to the limited space, I can barely jump and dance the whole night sheesh

Anyway, MTVWORLDSTAGE STILL ROCKS MY SOCKS cause Katy Perry was there LOL Kudos to the boyf for everything & Joeann who guided us half way home although it was alrdy late midnight :O Not to forget Lynn and Kee too (: Thanks guys!


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can't wait for it! <3

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hai nice to meet u,
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v!vi@n said...

must be fun!!! i saw lots of ppl tweeting bout it...arghh..i missed it..

Sly Nolan said...

wish i were there~~

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woah!! that's GREAT! x)

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AAAAH IM SO JEALOUS!!! You get to see Bill Kaulitz & Katy! djngkfl;dvfnlbglvf,

Erika Toh said...

Wow, it's so cool! I loved it!!! XD

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Heard it was raining like mad wo, which only makes the concert much more awesome! XD

Munn said...

the picture of the stamp smudged so cute la! you and your bf! :D

chenlin said...

Miss Hilda has a deep Opps, I'm running out of topic. Btw, no clear picture of the stamp..?

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Wow...i have missed it...sob sob :(

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wish i was there.

v a m p i r e said...

macam syiok saja ! i din go cos takda artist yang i like, all mainstream stuff

but lucky i can read it here so i am not the outdated mak cik lol

Zenghoong said...

Whoa, you are willing to wait since 1pm. *Salutes*