Friday, August 6, 2010

Till death do us part

Back in June, I once wrote about Dad had decided to get me a new lappy (I didn't ask for it but of course I'm not that stupid the decline the offer) after using my previous laptop for about 3 years plus. So after much considerations, I've made my decision to get the latest LOTUS PINK DELL INSPIRON 14R (Thanks to Mummy for convincing Daddy or else I'll stuck with a black Inspiron 14 ugh)

Two weeks ago, my sister bought it online from Dell official website and settled everything for me. She was quite satisfied with the service that dell has provided, check out here, too bad the laptop isn't hers HAHAHA The baby safely arrived on Tuesday morning, around 11am but on that very same day as well, the previous laptop that I've been using all these while, decided to die on me! The sad case is I have not even transferred a single stuff of mine and it couldn't be saved alrdy. Officially pronounced dead by the doctor T___T The only choice that I have is to reformat it FML to the max!

Finally, I get to lay on bare hands on this baby (touch it, rub it and sniff it) after three days of arrival cause obviously it's with my sister and I was far away @ the hostel. Okay, enough crapping and let's get the pictures do the talking!

Finally found it after 15 mins cause my sister hid it -__-

Drumrolls please *dupdapdupdap*


No choice but to censor my ugly looking excited hamsap face

Where is the button to switch it on? wtf *jakun*

I'm one big fat HAPPY child! Courtesy of superDad!

The glossy lid w/ flash, too shiny! *put on sunglasses*

The glossy lid w/o flash, can see my reflection? B)

Welcoming the third dell member in the family, Dell FTW!

Modern square-ish look ;)

baby got some boobies a full-sized keyboard like whoa oh whoa

Starting windows which is ten times faster than the previous one HAH LOL

Double the YAY cause;
  • IT'S FREAKING PINK and it's not cliche at all, black is wtf
  • No more slow laggy laptop (2GB ram, my previous one was like 512mb wtf)
  • No more low running disk space
  • No more external webcam or mic needed
  • No more backpain carrying laptop around (this baby only weighs 2.27 kg)
  • Longer battery life span (Y)
on the down side;
  • I still prefer the old fashioned window XP cause it's much easier to use
  • The glossy lid sure looks pretty but it is prone to fingerprints :/
  • I need more applications/softwares, perhaps games like THE SIMS 3? :D
Overall, I think it's good enough for a college student like me who only uses laptop only for surfing the net and assignments purposes (: Still thinking of a name for this pink baby, any suggestion? Fufu? Tofu? Can't be calling it a baby cause I used to call my boyf baby as well, which can be very confusing when I need to refer to both of them lol wtf

Last but not least, I would like to thank Daddy for this wonderful gift (: and my green eyed sister who was the middle person, and Mummy too. Love you guys tons! Seems that 7 years old Megan can't contribute anything except being a nuisance to Mummy? HAH

My life is not average, it's good.


sMoochie said...

thanks for the link to my tumblr. btw the lappy arrived on tues lo. and one of the pic can see the reflection of my super big thigh. ish! and no sims pls. u need to study! haha.

JadyCloud said...

YOU CHEATeD ON ME...............

Vin Tsen Gan said...

You shall name it vincey! =P

~J'@nn~ said...

omg i can see saliva dripping, haha!! (pic no.4)

jfook said...


Munn said...

awww the color looks so nice! :D

HenRy LeE ® said...

can i play starcraft 2 with it? hahahah XD nice lappy

27lilian said...

HAHAHA @ the hamsap pic! You really do look quite horny in there :P HAHA! Have fun with your new lappy! :) I remember when I first got a little girl getting a HUGE CANDY!

CaDLyNN said...

wahhh hilda...bestla got new lappy..
i need to have new lappy also..still surveying..

TOLANIC said...

Fuahh, laptop also got name ka? Ehh, is that your hostel? How come so less furniture one?

Ronnie said...

make good and full use of it !! Blogging !

jumei. said...

Omg, I love the keyboard and omg, pink, shiny lappy !

-i'м.Lemon said...

nice laptop^^

v a m p i r e said...

lucky u ! haha

vialentino said...

lovely notebook...

Ronikenz said...

WHOAAAA so this is the laptop that you're talking about, eh i really like it leh. Wanna exchange for my mac? HAHA. Kidding.