Sunday, October 3, 2010

Screwed age

On my birthday itself, the boyf brought me to Sushi Zanmai @ One Utama again for a lunch and it was on him. This time we tried something else! In case you missed out our first time there, click here (: We were there rather early yet it was sort of fully packed alrdy.

Kicked start with grilled salmon sushi (RM4.80) but I prefer sushi with the raw salmon better

This taste heavenly I tell you. Inari sushi with grilled crab meat @ RM4.80
We had two plates of this :P

My favourite appetizer which is a must; Chuka Lidako (seasoned baby octopus)
@ Rm6.80

My Yakiniku Don (small) @ RM10.80

The mixture of succulent and tender beef with its sauce and rice is just simply perferct

Coral roll @ RM12.80, this is nice too (:

The boyf's Katsu Chicken Udon (Large) @ RM19.80

When I say large, it is really large :O I love the soup!

I can't understand myself either with the sudden obsession with jap food. Thank goodness the boyf is one jap food lover too ❤ The initial plan was too invade Tenji for the buffet but we couldn't make it so maybe next time? (: But I'm sort of tempted to try Jogoya instead since they are having this 50% discount promo at the moment. In the end, So we settled down for Sushi Zanmai instead cause we were pretty satisfied with its food and service after our first visit and I got to say I'll revisit them over and over again. I want a nice body but not as much as I want jap food heh even my Mum said that I'm getting fatter, hell no. Am I? D:

Earlier that morning, when the boyf came over to fetch me, he surprise me with another set of cupcakes. I was like what the heck? I can't even finished the one I had the previous night O.O No wonder it took him quite long to reach my place than he does usually cause he went over to took the cupcakes from Wondermilk sheesh

Anyways, this was the girl's world theme from the Goldfinch collection! 36 of them (: I like the clouds and rainbow, cute to the max :D

Later that night, his family treated us western food for dinner at Bigfoot Restaurant at TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam.

I love this chio looking light (:

Peaceful and comfy ~

The bigfoot orange juice :O

After that, we headed back to the boyf's place and had a mini and simple celebration (:

The cake his mum bought for us and the worker misspelled my name lol

Us with his grandma (:

Coincidentally, we're both wearing black lol

We're one year older, one year wiser and perhaps richer? wtf HAHA

Again, my cuppiesssssss :D

So that was pretty much it, my 19th birthday (: Definitely way better than I've expected. Feeling contented with my life and grateful with everything that I had, simply blissful. What can I say? It's my year this year :D Looking forward for my 20th birthday alrdy HAHA but I don't wanna grow up. 20 sounds so old T___T

He sent me back to hostel the next day after brunch. We were having this camwhoring-when-the-traffic-light-turns-red madness wtf HAHA

& it was raining heavily ): I hate rainy days!

My 19th birthday gifts; nothing pricey but they still made my day.
  • Heart shaped balloon from my elder sister (It's inflated half way alrdy by now T__T)
  • A bouquet of roses from my boyf by the help of Elin (:
  • Secret recipe's strawberry marshmallow cake from Kee and Chelsey
  • Hello Kitty Ichigo Pretz from the boyf teehee
  • $$ from the parents, younger sister(!) and the boyf's grandmum
  • Not to forget the awesome-est surprise party, my birthday lunch and dinner treat!
I just can't stop saying THANK YOU SO MUCH! *wipe tears*


chris federick said...

So much delicious sushi I can die lol. Happy Birthday to u. U got lots of good things going on there :)

Anonymous said...

happy bday!!!:D

Lukey Luke Phang! said...

what a great birthday!

HenRy LeE ® said...

yummy! u had a really wonderful bday celebration this year! :D

Jessy said...

where's my cupcake!? =p

Ronikenz said...

Aw..the grandma so freaking cute! LOL. I just loved oldies. wtf

Kian Fai said...

baby octopus is pulling your teeth and dun wanna go to your stomach =X

Ronnie said...

there goes Paul the Octopus....
inside Hilda's stomach

RJ said...

makes me hungrrriiiiiieeeeeeee laaaa!


jalanjatuh said...

are your serious that was a baby octopus??
btw i cant stand with sushi..
cant finish event single one :(

Chuen said...

nicee! I love Sushi Zanmai :D

Shuwen said...

I iz hungry T_____T Damn sweet la can !

❤ wai shen said...

Grrr you have to make us jealous with your cuppycakes eyy?! -,- Haha I love your dimples, you look sho cute! :)

k~^|n said...

wow...the cupcakes are awesome...haha

Half Naked Latte © said...

you both look so sweeeet awww.. & you just made me hungry in the middle of the night..

CzChooi said...

those sushi!! arrrgghh droollzz!

Jun_wu said...

Until when is the Jogoya 50% promotion?

Casendra said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hungry =='

Hey, the BigFoot Restaurant, the food there nice ah? If yes I wanna try it out also...

Suzanne said...

Happy belated birthday :)
I love Japanese foods too! Just looking at those pictures made me hungry lol. Oh and the cupcakes look mad adorable la! What nice boyfriend you have haha :D

Celeste xiao fang said...

All the cupcakes look attractive =))

eminey626 said...

arghh!!! look so yummy!!!! grr! im hungry now xD

Eunice Mayhoong said...

i love jap food too!♥