Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wake me up when September ends

I know I'm late for this but hey, has anyone of you wake The Green Day up? LMAO Wait! It's October alrdy?! *checking the calendar* Hell yeah it is(!) & no I'm not excited at all cause it's not my month obviously. I got a feeling it's gonna be gruesome and I reckoned there are gonna be more sad moments to come than being happy. Do have mercy one me, will you October? *puppy eyes*

I've been busy being free yet I had the time to catch up with my favourite TV shows :P Shame on me! This week especially has been rather hectic and I couldn't imagine what's coming up next week. Super tight schedule as you can see;

8/10 - Theory exam
12/10 - English Presentation
14/10 - English Finals
15/10 - Due date for English Research Paper
18/10 - Clinical posting @ Sunway Medical Center for two weeks

This is so not cool. I need to vent, I need to relieve, I need this, I need that ah wait, am I exaggerating? No, you have no idea how my English Lecturer enjoys torturing mankind tsk tsk and you know what? I haven't start a thing yet on both my English presentation and 2500 words of English Research Paper, I'll be having only the weekend to finish everything! God bless~ Let's hope it all goes good tomorrow, I hate examinations and so does everyone. I need a larger brain capacity, truckloads of intelligence and perhaps a little bit of luck? (:

On a brighter note, I'm going back to my hometown in another 2 months time YAY I need the remote from Click to fast forward this whole month!

Destiny are for losers.
It's just a stupid excuse
to wait for things to happen
instead of making them happen.



jfook said...

All the best! Hectic schedule here as well. XD That's why I lack of updates lately.

Nana Lana said...

lol! BUENA SUERTE gal!!!

m having my midterm too! n shall be followed by the finals, presentations, etc n etc! OWHHH

J.k.Cason said... fast got clinical posting? hahahass..anyway all the best =)

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Hilda , All the best and good luck ! =) Hilda boleh ! =)

Jaerragus said...

Haha, good luck on all of that...
happy October lols.

Ronnie said...

good luck to you Hilda...!!

Half Naked Latte © said...

great saying. comletely true too