Monday, February 7, 2011

The last day of the year of Tiger

RAWWWRRRRRRR! CNY's eve was last Wed to be exact. On the morning itself, I did my last minute packing then had breakfast with the family before heading to Miri around 10am. We arrived two hours later, grabbed some lunch and checked in @ Mega Hotel with my aunt & cousins.

#1. CNY decorations at the lobby (:
#2. Megan and her awkward smile :P
#3. Satisfied with the size of the room; a king size bed & a single bed
#4. Sitting area by the windows
After that, we headed to my Uncle's house to help and prepare for the reunion dinner. By 6.30pm, everyone was there alrdy and we started our dinner right away. This year reunion dinner is a tad special cause an uncle whom I last saw was 9 years ago came back all the way from Scotland with his wife to celebrate CNY with us. For once, the Voon family (Mum's side) is almost complete but there are still some who couldn't make it that night sighhh

#5. Look at the amount of shoes!
#6. Food mountain food sea (Malay Style Dinner) YUMS
After dinner, the cousin brothers lighted up the firecrackers *pi li pa la* while the kids have fun playing with fireworks :P while the adults were mingling around & catching up with each other. When the adults get together, they always seem to have a lot of stuffs to talk about and they can't stop talking!

#7. Megan and one of my little cousin
Besides that, we had a little photoshoot session too! :D Just so you know, my family is a 1Malaysia family cause we have Malays, Chinese and Caucasian in the family so that pretty much explains why we had Malay food for dinner.
P/S: Photos below are taken by my cousin.
#8. Meet the taiko of the Voon's family, my kungkung (: 
#9. My mum and her siblings, the eldest aunt was not there that night.
#10. The ladies in the Voon's family
#11. The gents
#12. Megan after being all sweaty and sticky
When midnight strikes, the 'war' began to usher in the year of Rabbit for at least 15 mins! The fireworks this year are less compared to last year, not that pretty too ): Shots that I managed to take;
#13. It wouldn't be complete without firecrackes!
#14. Tak tak rak tak tak *boom*
#15. The aftermath of the gruesome war; air pollusion and being deaf! We were literally chocking in the midst of the smokes.
#16. Megan in her PJs
#17. Pretty night view from our hotel room @ the 13th floor
Headed back to the hotel after that and dozed off at 1 plus after doing eye mask, it's already the first day of CNY by then :D Gong Xi Fa Cai, 紅包拿來!

More on my first day of CNY on the next post, stay tuned.


SiMon Har said...

once again i must say your sis Megan is very cute wey!

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

The view from your hotel is so nice!! Never knew Miri looks so beautiful during the night =p

Jessy said...

1Malaysia family! hahaa..good good=)

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Wow, so much shoe! You really had a big big family!! :D

dori_lukey said...

your kung kung really look very pro.. haha

kevinskh said...

Hey... too bad we can't have firecrackers in SG!

Catherine Ang said...

ewwww i got no chance to play firewords :((

y--square said...

looking at your family photo, I get 1 conclusion, you are 1 of the minor group of decent (cough) body shape group.

Isaac Tan said...

gong xi gong xi :)

Kian Fai said...

I saw some of ur relative looks like you! =X

hahah XD

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Don't get to play firecrackers! My dad won't allowed. Lols you have a REAL BIG family, I like!

虎岁扬威,旺兔报喜! Happy Bunny Year Hilda :)

Mich said...

ohhhh...megan !

jfook said...

haha, awesome, got 1 malaysia family lol

~Snowman~ said...

I like Megan! =)

domokun said...

gong xi fat chai~~wow really 1 malaysia ehh so awesome XD