Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Saturday, FUNFUNFUN

Finally a weekend to enjoy and have fun, instead of being tied up with homeworks! It's also my last weekend here in KL, so it's a must to spend some time w/ my lovelies (:

Started off with meatballs @ IKEA for brunch!

#1. Thank God for such a sunny Saturday 

#2. At our usual spot by the window (: 

#3. Belinda, camjacking my camera :P

#4. US <3

Went hunting stuff for Megan & Mum later on and ended up in TOYRUS playing dress up and messing around with the soft toys around LOL

#5. Every girls want to be a princess of their prince, don't we? 

#6. Hello Kittygasm (Y)

#7. Belinda finally found her way home! :P  

After that, we detour to The Curve Street Market which is only available during the weekends before heading to Kota Damansara for snowflake!

#8. Best coldseller with creamer!

The pit stop was at Tropicana City Mall, where the original plan was to catch a movie. Too bad it's fully booked and the next movie would be 5 hours later. So we opted to have an early dinner instead.

#9. Saw this cute stuff at the parking lot. 

Guess what we had for dinner? Ninja Joe Pork Burger, like finally! I love the fact that the whole shop has ninja everywhere, on the wall, on the window, on the burger wrappers, on the cups, on the paper bags, and more on the wall. It's so cuteeeeee, I'm gonna die :D Everyone loves Ninja, no?

#10. Lemonade that tasted just nice; not too sweet or sour. 

#11. Ordered three ninjas, teriyaki, original and black pepper.

#12. Fat curly fries w/o salt! Hardly see these in Msia fast food outlets.

#13. The counter

#15. It was good, love the sauce that blends well with patty and also the fresh vegetable! 

#16. Now you know what it takes to be a real ninja ;)

#17. Errr, this was me playing Taptap Revenge on Elin's laps and avoid getting photographed by Joeann :P

#18. LISTEN! These ninjas can even talk, I'm lame like this LOL 

#19. and hey, I can be a ninja too by just eating Pork Burger ROFL

This is my first time eating a pork burger so I couldn't really tell if it's the best but I somehow like the taste of it. The portion of the burger is quite small to me but it was just nice for a light meal (: Definitely worth another visit, I would like to try all of the different flavours!

Ninja Joe Pork Burger (Non HALAL)
LG-18, Tropicana City Mall,
Jalan SS20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7725 0834



Qi Wen 绮文 said...

woots.. even the phones want to take pictures! :) have a safe trip home...XD

Isaac Tan said...

hahaha I like the way you edited yourself to be a ninja..

SIM YEE said...

OMG that Herbie car is so dang cute!!!

Kian Fai said...

lol the cup dam cute lo LOL

June said...

that cute herbie is actually belongs to a friend of mine(=