Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday, the 13th

... or known as Black Friday was believed to be a day of bad luck. It was just like any Friday to me, woke up half an hour earlier than Rebecca Black and got ready to my last day of clinical posting, hell yeah! I was in a pretty good mood that morning for no reason, humming Friday to myself all the time :} Finally get to strike out this date on my calendar!

#1. 13th May marks the end of my clinical posting :D 

#2. Little did we know that the rehab center had wii installed on that day as well! 
Joeann and I spent almost the whole day trying out the different games on Wii Fit Plus, it was way fun than Wii Sports :P Enough of the all Wii thing, so how bout a tour around the rehab center of Pantai Hospital Ampang? (:

Different equipment and modalities here and there (: Before leaving, we had a group shot with the physiotherapists and assistants.

#3. Oooops! 

#4. Take one! 

#5. Take two!

#6. Take three!

#7. Couldn't resist not taking photos of ourselves with all the mirrors around :P

#8. Couldn't get enough of the Wii, Y U NO come early? T___T

#9. One of my favourite game; Wii Fit Plus KungFu Rhythm game! 

#10. Some equipment at the opposite room ~ 

#11. A little appreciation from us (:

#12. Till we meet again, I'm gonna miss this place and the patients too.

Overall, it was a fun and pleasant experience, we sure learnt a lot from this one month posting. I get to see patients of different cases, where some of the cases are new to me that I rarely get to see. They have one of the best orthopaedics and gynaecologists, just so you know heh their physiotherapists aren't that bad either (; Btw, I'm already looking forward to the weekend my third posting in Jan 2012, probably will opt  for a government hospital :P We shall see.

My Black Friday was actually kinda awesome until I found out that I lost my matrix card when I'm back at Joeanney's ): It was still on my neck strap when I leave the hospital, srsly FML. Something bad just have to happen on Friday the 13th ugh and I just realised I've lost couple of things that are actually quite important OMG FML max!

Now happy thoughts! *Mummy's cooking* *Megan* Cause I'm flying home on Monday woohoo can't wait :DDD



SiMon Har said...

so cool! can play Wii!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Can la can la, next time I break my bones I know which two to look for liao.

PrisCielLa said...

wth. Hospital can play wii!!

SIM YEE said...

hospital feels like playground whenever you two are there haha!

M-Knight said...

wah seh.... cool hospital u 2 have lots of fun...

Isaac Tan said...

Lol! the Wii came on your last day? Sad weh!!

Small Kucing said... syok can play one ah hahaha

Shin said...

Hello miss respected, this blog owner. My name is Shina and I'm one of this hospital patient which have my treatment here. I'm writting a bit about my experience there and as I look for pictures, I found it at your blog.

So I did 'took' some of them without ur permission. But I did mention who's the right owner is at the bottom of the article.
If just you didn't allow it to be use, please let me know.

For these beautiful pictures, thank you.
For you to read this until the end, thank you.
For 'taking' and using all these pictures without ur permission, I'm sorry.
and if u allow me to use it, Thank You so much and if you do not, once again, I'm so sorry.