Thursday, May 12, 2011

Restoran Smiley's Bistro

On Mother's Day, I joined my sister and her bf (Stephen's) family for lunch at a Smiley's Bistro ☺☺☺ His dad recommended this restaurant cause he saw it on TV and decided to give it a try. This restaurant was reviewed by Phillip Lim from NST here as well.

Smiley's is not any typical restaurant you can find in Klang cause it serves South Indian, North Indian, Malaysian, Western Dishes and tomyam in addition. The house speciality would be their 50 variety of dosas (especially during the dosa festival) and nasi briyani.

Sick of mamak, chinese food, fast food or prolly a first timer for Indian food? Maybe you should consider giving Smiley's Bistro a try! :D I've yet to try banana leaf rice, maybe next time. 

#1. The menu 

#2. We opted for the 1st promotion lunch set where you order a set of prawn briyani @ RM13.90, the second order of ANY briyani would cost only @ RM5.50

#3. So just relax and smile while waiting ☺☺☺

#4. Or maybe smile to the camera and camwhore :P

#5. The place was really clean and it's air conditioned too.
#6. Meet Stephen :D 
#7. My mango smoothie that tasted weird @ RM4.90
#8. Watermelon juice with milk - RM3.90
#9. Mutton Briyani (Normal Price: RM10.90)
#10. Served with Dalcha gravy and Onion Raita (sourish cucumber & onion salad; I kinda like it)
#11. Curry mutton; the meat is tender (Y) 
#12. Not to forget the nasi briyani and omelette with chopped onion
#13. Oh, and the not so crispy papadom *disappointed* 
#14. Prawns Briyani @ RM13.90
#15. Generous amount of fresh curry prawns (Y)
#16. Chicken Briyani (Normal Price: RM9.90)
#17. With the chicken drumstick buried beneath the rice
#18. First time eating rice on huge banana leaf *jakun*
#19. Look! They have smiley taxi stand ☺☺☺
#20. If only I can read Tamil :P 

The total bill was RM80 for 7 pax, quite reasonable I reckon. The overall meal was alright but not that fulfilling cause the portion was quite small.

Smiley's Bistro 10, Lorong Tingkat,
Off Jalan Istana,
41000 Klang,



Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Smiley bistro! So cute la the exterior =)

*JacQueliNe* said...

Awww u make me hungrreyy~!!
Well, next time we go together ya! :D

PrisCielLa said...

lol. I cannot imagine watermelon juice with milk /.\

Small Kucing said...

Ya...portion looks quite small...gv u oni one papadoms??? kedekut

Isaac Tan said...

wow, is it the season for indian food? XD I've just read 2 other blogs writing about indian food they just had. Hehehe.

Banana Leaf rice looks very nice. tasty and spicy! :)

Kian Fai said...

HOW come so trend indian food 1 LMAO

Jalan Istana I dunno where la haiz dun care di . . . =P good post

• Stephanie • said...

The taxi stand is so cute! :D

Kak Na Blog said...

this smiley bistro halal or not?