Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goodbye May;

I'm not sure if I should even say Hi in the first place because I reckoned that all my readers have shifted somewhere else, in search of an active blog *clearing spider webs and dust* Not that I'm not active, I do go online everyday just that my mind automatically turns blank whenever I click on the new post button. I'm definitely more active on twitter, feel free to follow me if you haven't :D

So here we are, almost halfway through 2011. What have you done so far this year? Be it memorable or disastrous. June wouldn't be much of a fun month to me, life has been hectic yet mundane ever since I started working. 24 hours a day never seem to be enough for me; wake up work sleep wake up work sleep for 7 days a week. Being stuck at work leads me to have nothing to blog about as well, unless you wouldn't mind lending me your ear to hear me rant. I fell sick over the weekend but I'm doing fine now (:

The only two things that I'm excited about June; Pretty Little Liars Season 2 will be out soon on the 14th while my result will be out somewhere around the 3rd week(it better!), which was actually supposed to be out this week FML Mahsa boleh!

My one and only #junewish - July to come faster.

Some random shots I took the last week;

She insisted to have her hair cut short again (:

Blah blah blah bye
Keep calm and work my butt off..

If only I have something better to blog about;
For now.



Vin Tsen Gan said...


~Joeanney~ said...

the sky is so blueeeee, is it sunny there 24/7?

sMoochie said...

issit me or she is getting chubbier again? oh my megan!

XCB said...

i dun even know that the results is supposed to be out on the 3rd week hah,

domokun said...

heyy i wanaa watch pretty little liars alsoo>< where u download one?>< i kenot find:(

Philip Khor said...

well ummm hi there! and hi june

Isaac Tan said...

XD poor May.. we shall meet again in 12 months ok :)

Cathy Ng said...

megan looked chubbier! haahaha!

* tracey gal * said...

Am looking forward to July too! :D
Love the sky photos!!!

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

YES! Am looking to the month of July because it's my birthday month *not shy at all* HAHA

Wendy V. said...

pretty photos u have there! i love the blue blue sky! :D

eminey626 said...

Ohh, I'm having the same situation with you. Once I feel like want to blog, but nothing to let me blog about. Everyday just same like usual. hahaa.