Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bee Bee Nail

Every girl loves to be pampered and treated like a princess, no? The closest thing I could relate to would be manicure and pedicure sesh. Besides being pampered, you get to have pretty looking nails as well, win win situation! All thanks to @IlovediscountMY, I got the opportunity to try out manicure and stamping nail art yesterday! I was really excited as I heard quite a number of good reviews from people regarding the services provided by Bee Bee Nail.

I made my appointment earlier this week, there are kind enough to remind me that I shall not be late more than 15 minutes from the appointed time or else the reservation will be canceled. Joeann drove all the way downtown and we managed to made our way to Bee Bee Nail @ Fahrenheit 88 on time. Once we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly receptionist at the bright yellow counter.

Welcome to Bee Bee Nail! 
The place is actually quite small but I love the cosy and comfortable ambiance. Decorated with bright colour striped wallpaper, everything looks very organised and clean. Spot the cute IKEA green stools!

We were asked to be seated right away, minutes later tea and peanuts was served! How nice (:

Then I was asked to choose the nail colour, there were so many choices from different brands (OPI, Essie, Nubar) to choose from which actually makes it even harder to choose. They even have the latest OPI Shatters colours!!

Sample of the tons of stamping nail arts to choose from; flowers, heart shape, leopard print & many more. 

The pampering sesh begins with basic manicure! :D My friendly manicurist of the day was Baby from BMIC Nail Spa Salon. She was nice enough to explain everything to me. Basic manicure includes;

#1. Nail shape filing; to shape the nails according to the preference.

#2. Then she sprayed cuticle softener on my nails before pushing out dead cuticle and skin from my nails. 

#3. Cutting off dead cuticle with a cuticle nipper. 

#4. Smooth the surface of my nails with a nail buffer. 

#5. Lastly, applying cuticle oil to moisture the cuticle and reduce the growth of cuticle.

The tools used are all sterilized beforehand with surgical spray for hygienic purpose.

When the basic manicure was done, I was given a good hand massage with OPI AVO juice. It was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. I chose Mango and it has this really sweet smell. Ginger Lily actually smells quite nice too (:

Now, my cute tiny nails are ready for nail polish sesh!
#1. Started off with OPI base coat to protect the nails. 

#2. Next applying two layers of the nail colour that I chose, glittery dark pink.  

#3. Then a layer of Blue OPI Shatter at every corner of my nails, the effect was visible within seconds! 

#4. Then finally, a stroke of white nail polish to finish it up. 

My nails are almost done, coming to the final part; stamping nail art. This is my first time being exposed to stamping nail art and I seriously have no idea how it works at first.
First, she applied a layer special nail polish on the metal plate with stamp arts on it. Then she used a scrapper to scrap out the excess nail polish and use a rubber stamp to stamp on the nail art and there you go, the flower on the rubber stamp.
P/S: Even for the special nail polish, there are a few colours to choose from (:
Voila, I can have a flower nail art on my nail!

After the nail stamping, a layer of OPI top coat was applied to ensure the nail colour and nail stamp art lasts longer.

My hands are placed under this dryer to totally dry up the top coat so that the colour and nail art will not smudge.

These are the products I used for my nail colour, design and nail art.
Above: OPI base coat, OPI top coat, OPI Colour to Diner for, Blue OPI Shatter and white nail polish.
Below: Konad Special Set.

It was overall a pleasant experience with Bee Bee Nail, it'd be even perfect if I get to have pedicure done as well :P I would give double thumbs up for their super friendly and excellent service. I would highly recommend this place! Do stay tuned for @IlovediscountMY's website for this fantabulous manicure and stamping nail art promo that's coming soon! You won't wanna miss this awesome chance to beautify and dress up your nails :D

Bee Bee Nail by bmic
Lot S2.39.00, 2nd Floor,
Fahrenheit 88 (KL Plaza),
179, Jln Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Biz hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Tel no: (603) 21415250
Their website: 

Thanks again to Bee Bee Nail and I Love Discounts for my new striking pink nails, just in time for this festive holiday! Loving it to bits, you guys totally rock <3



Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Nice nails!! :D I have always wanted to try the opi shatter nail polish!

ken said...

so syok ah! haha..

Pennie YenSun said...

Nice manicure! :)

SuFang (Careen) said...

Nice!! I wanna try manicure too =D

sMoochie said...

wow, the beautician nails also pretty. she can work with her long nails hor.. pro!

Camy said...

i wan too!

JessicaChaw said...

Ahhh! I always want to go for nails manicure but sadly, I'm a school student and can't keep my nails long!!

jfook said...

wah hilda got cute nails now...

Isaac Tan said...

cute nails!! but the most i dare to try is get a manicure! LOL

CleverMunkey ® said...

this is like a girl's heaven! hahaha... nice nails hilda!

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

i guess nail arts not for me cos i cant play guitar with long nails lol. maybe just polish it while having it short. =]