Sunday, August 28, 2011

ADV: Veet "My Real Secret" College Programme

Having healthy and silky smooth hair-free skin all the time is one of the ultimate desires of every young woman. We would all love to put on pretty dresses, shorts and mini skirts without feeling ashamed of flaunting our legs. But sadly, we are often faced with the same fiasco: hair on our legs(!) or sometimes having sudden realization that in fact we have stubbly legs and fuzzy bikini line.

Hair removal is undoubtedly a necessity to attain beautiful skin that glows all over yet fret not, cause it’s not about high maintenance; it’s about quick beauty fixes that help you stay beautiful at all times of the day. Don’t we all wish for a painless method to remove unwanted hair without having to worry about re-growth and best of all – speed!

I myself have been a loyal user of Veet for years, and I'm still using it. Simply because Veet’s Hair Removal Cream promises a hassle-free method getting rid of pesky hair whilst leaving my skin super soft and smooth. The cream gradually softens hair follicles in just 3-5 minutes (speaking of emergency) and is perfect for girls who need a quick fuss-free fix without leaving any nicks and cuts even on the most sensitive skin! Not to mention, I don't even need to waste extra pennies to go to salon and opt for shaving/waxing. With the help of Veet, I can comfortably wear sleeveless top with shorts or sundress whenever I feel like it, especially under the sunny weather of KL.
VEET® hair removal products that comes with great range of products to keep you smoother for longer and in control from removal cream to wax strips, suitable for different skin types.

Introducing their brand new product, Veet Suprem’ Essence removal cream and wax strips, specially for dry, normal and sensitive skin.

So guess what, Veet ‘My Real Secret’ College Programme is back with a bang to makes this a reality and allows you to be comfortable in your own skin. Yes, you hear that right! Veet, a top hair depilatory, continues to empower young women through an educational college programme called ‘My Real Secret’ that aims to inspire young women that touchable, desirable and silky smooth legs are attainable regardless of their daily college hurdles.

Veet wants young women to feel the difference and understand that beauty is not hard to attain.
This time, Veet is hosting the Veet ‘My Real Secret’ college programme. The college programme will be held in 6 campuses:
  1. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)  (22nd September)
  2. MAHSA University College (28th September)
  3. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) (3rd October)
  4. INTI International University (4th October)
  5. Nilai University College (5th October)
  6. Masterskill University College of Health Sciences (6th October)
So ladies, don't miss out this exciting event! Through Veet 'My Real Secret' college programme, you will have access to the importance of personal care and management, hair removal tips and care and even an introduction to Veet products through a Veet Grooming Consultation Session! From stimulating grooming talks to simple how-to’s, Veet has got it covered all for you! We even have more great stuff for you.

Veet’s event partner, Watsons will be selling selected Veet’s depilatories in the respective campuses! To top it off, you will be receiving discount vouchers on Veet depilatories that can be redeemed at selected Watson’s outlets. If you are a girl-on-the-go, be sure to fully stock up on Veet’s hair-removal products so you are ready for a quick de-fuzz fix whenever.

The exciting streak does not end there cause there's even more! We have an amazing line-up of activities all prepped for you such as a photo snap for FREE with your besties! What’s fantastic is that there will be limited-edition Veet spa-kit up for grabs!

Now, whether you have started shaving or been doing it for a while, it is time for a switch! Get ready to dump your rusty razors in the bin in exchange for a Veet Hair Removal Cream (25g). Ladies better be quick as it is only available to the first 50!

How does all that sound? Awesome enough? So all you have to do now is mark your calendar and be sure to join this fantabulous Veet "My Real Secret" college programme at the respective colleges mentioned above. This event shall not be missed! I'll be there as well on the 28th September at Mahsa University College, so seeeeeeeee you there! 8)

Time to say goodbye to stubble and nicks and hello to a touchably smooth life!




Small Kucing said...

I have used it before. QUite good. Not stinky smell

Kian Fai said...

guy can use ar? LOL

SuFang (Careen) said...

Nice one =D I like your photos!

Shuwen said...

your last pic looks so cute !! :))

jfook said...

you look pretty on the last pic. =D

Cassy said...

nice ... easy to use too

Isaac Tan said...

i echo JFook's comment, you do look good in the picture!!

Queennie said...

Veet. Same brand using here :)