Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Denai Alam Recreation & Riding Club Selangor

♞ Howdy!

Last Saturday morning, I went to Denai Alam Recreational Club (DARC) with the boyf's family to have a look, little did I know that they have horses and ponies for horseriding! There are 40 of them to be exact and guess what? They each has a name for themselves, how cute is that! If only they can respond to me when I call their name HEHEHE I've never seen a horse up close, not to mention touching a horse in my entire life. This is my first so bear with me being so excited.

I've always wanted to try horse riding(!) and it would definitely be one of the thing I wanna do before I grow old but first I have to overcome to fear of going near a horse. Evehe sound they made freaks me out. You never know what they will do in split seconds, cause you know they can be really strong just from the look of their prominent legs' muscles. You don't wanna mess with them. You have to be careful as well, there are certain actions that you can't do or else they will be riding you instead :P

So moving on...

Too bad that I didn't have my camera with me, so I only took couple of photos.

My first time touching a pony! To be honest, I was a bit scared.

Pony, Y U NO smile?

Cute looking ponies! Awwww, sweet isn't it?  <3 
Later in the evening, I persuaded the boyf to bring me there for the sake of taking more photos, plus it was just 10 mins away from his house :P and after much persuasion, he finally said YES! I was one fat happy child :D

Welcome to DARC.. again!

Can you see those horses over there? *points*

Warmly welcomed by a pile of horse dung -_- 

This is the main arena for horse riding. 

Some random quote (: 

Let's head to the stable to look for more horses, shall we? 

This is DONG, one of a kind among the herd with the freckles all over him.

Say hi to MAMAT; definitely the most handsome looking mamat!

Yes, SRI MAS? Who are you looking at? :P

BESTARI on the left (It's the pony that didn't smile that morning) and ROCKY (the bf of the white pony) on the right. 

This is KATIE who is very camera shy, it didn't even want to say cheese ):

TIARA, one of the good looking horses as well. I love its colour (:

Took a photo with TARA cause it was the only one looking friendly :P

Baby boy and I ❤
Just in time to watch the sunset. 

They have motocross for adult and kids as well! Not sure if I can try this even if IDK how to ride a bike :P

They have open space gym as well. 
Weird looking horse with red eyes at the open field. 

More horses at the field and they are really inactive, Y U NO gallop for me to see?

Black beauty in action, looking at how it posed for my camera while...

this big guy here is trying to untangle the knot, naughty naughty *shakes head*

This is one of the videos I took! Look how its body wringling by itself :O Its name is not Snow White, I made that up HEH

That's all for the tour at DARC! In case you're wondering, it's membership fee is RM180 per family annually. So have any of you guys try horse riding before? Do share it with me or do let me know if you know any places that has horse riding besides DARC and Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort! :D

Denai Alam Recreation & Riding Club Selangor
No.1, Jalan Elektron U16/100,
Seksyen 16 Denai Alam,
40160 Shah Alam, Malaysia
Tel: 0102402606 or 0169466567
Their official website and FB page (:
Time to leave. Bye bye cute horses and ponies,till we meet again T__T

Ending this post with a vain photo of me (; When in doubt, let your Horse do the thinkin’ YIHAAAA ♘ Good day everyone!



Small Kucing said... taman tasik titiwangsan. rm1 per ride.

Jessy said...

Only yearly fees, no one time entrance fees?
Why u no go horse riding? HOw much they charge? LOL

domokun said...

i never saw a real horsey b4>< i wan ride oneee><

❤ wai shen said...

OMG the ponies and horses are so beautiful! I want to go there someday too. :)

SiMon Har said...

i have trouble differentiating horse and pony XD

Henry Lee said...

such a nice place to visit the horses. Mamat is so pretty and Tiara is so handsome! haha... what's with the heart shape shade? XD

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey said...

The pony looks scared of you wei :). Mamat? What a lowsy name to give a white colored horse. You didn't ride them?

Camy said...

the horses are cute! i wan try riding a horse

Peeciella said...

whooa. you actually remember the horses names . xD

Anne Lee said...

where's that place? wanted to ride on a horse.

Unknown said...

where is it? i wanna go!

Unknown said...

hahah from the expression can see you abit takut :P

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

hehe nice shades and your hair looks nice as well :)

Queennie said...

Awww! So sweet with your boyfie ! Btw, i love your sunglassie ! ;D

Xue Ren said...

awww! so cuteee la the pony! I wish i can ride on them too =) btw, loving ur sunglasses =P

N/A said...

Love the horse! :D

Ken Wooi said...

cute horses and ponies aside, i like the speak & whisper quote.. funny.. lol

Liki said...

ur sunglasses so cute wan ! Where u get?

sohoque said...

i went there yesterday but my hp cum camera running out of battery that time. so, no picture taken. i wish to borrow 2-3 pics of your to be uploaded to my blog. i will put your url. tq.

sohoque said...

took them already. u can check them with yr blog url. u can visit the will be autopublished at 9 pm tonite. tq