Sunday, September 11, 2011

Setia Alam Pasar Malam Part II

Yesterday I went to Setia Alam Pasar Malam again but this time round I was there with Joeann and her ex high school mates. I was there for only one mission; that is to try out the food that I didn't get to eat during my first visit.

Caution ahead: It will be one hella post, heavy loaded with photos (:
Loving the weather (:
The nail colour and nail art still stays after two weeks; feel so reluctant to remove it since I don't always have pretty nails ):

The night market will slowly get crowded after 6pm, the time where the vendors start their business.

Showing you some random stalls; 

Selling chicken wings and skewers of chicken liver and bishops' nose.

Sweet corn! :D 

Va of fresh vegetables to choose from.

Fresh flowers, anyone? (:

Overrated fake crocs footwear :P 

Smurf plushies of different sizes for you to smurf all day long LOL 

Never ending angry birds' fever, I just don't get it.

What's good about this night market is that almost every stall provides tables and chairs for people to eat on the spot.  

Now move on to the highlight of the day;
This is Putu Piring, my first time trying it (: Tastes quite okay, not too sweet.
RM2.50 for 5 pieces 

好好味 Asam Laksa
I never liked Asam Laksa when I first tried it but this was one really good (Y)
Spicy and sour at the right proportion, and look at the big chunk of fish flesh! & a local recommended this stall serves the best Asam Laksa at the night market.  

Herbal Soup with Pork Meat Balls; RM2.00 per cup with 5 meatballs.
The pork meatballs are really good, fresh and chewy! As for the soup, it was lack in aroma and flavour. 

The Pan Mee that has truckloads of people queueing up for it and guess what, it was such a total let down!  The noodles was not cooked well, the black fungus was bitter, the supposed to be crispy anchovies was stale and I can't really taste what's so special about it.   

Have you ever seen a Winnie The Pooh cellphone? So chio right? :P It belongs to Joeann's friend and everyone was like staring at her everytime she uses it LOL 

Combo Taufufa @ RM3.50 per bowl
Instead of Gula Melaka, soya bean was added and there were four huge glutinous rice balls filled with red bean paste; definitely something different. I like it (: 

Spotted magic ice cream @ RM1 per stick with different flavours; grape, green apple, vitagen, sour plum and orange. Didn't expect to get it here cause I thought I can only get these at Jonker Street, Melaka! 

Lanterns for mooncake festival are all over the night market.

Big fat looking pomelo (: 

Stinky tofu! The smell is really unbearable, I wonder how people can even stand the smell when they eat it o_o

Shark's fin soup :O 

Hello Kitty's merchandises of all kind!!! Can I have all of these *big shiny eyes*

Cute bunnies for sale, IT'S SO FLUFFLY I'M WANNA DIEEEEE

The green light just attracted me, looked like some kind of UFO spaceship and hey what's with all these people looking at my camera :P 

So, that's pretty much it (: There is really a lot of stuff there! We spent 3 hours there, wandering around and hunting for food in every possible corner we could find. At the end of the night, my tummy was indeed happy. How nice if Setia Alam is near my place and is accessible by public transport T__T Asam laksa, I'll be missing you and I still didn't get to try Mook's pizza!

There goes another weekend.



~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Looks like you had a fun day! :)

Rebecca Saw said...

OMGGG i wan tht combo taufufa!!

Henry Tan said...

wow.. nice! so many food there!

toninkush said...

finally really malam lol. girls really like going for night markets huh

eminey626 said...

you remind me of pasar malam :D I got really long time didn't visit pasar malam already haha!

Small Kucing said...

Love your nails. Gosh.. you are so good at keeping them. Two weeks still look so nice.

SuFang (Careen) said...

Drooling.. I miss pasar malam!

Isaac Tan said...

nice with so many photos. Thanks for sharing! Feels like being there myself :)

Jamie Wong said...

i feel like I was there as well.. lol. the food looks really nice!

Anne Lee said...

one thing I realize about setia alam pasar malam is that there're lotsa stalls selling the same stuff.

Liki said...

I miss pasar malam T_T

X'tra Large said...