Sunday, October 16, 2011

ADV: Freshkon Alluring Eyes

How to have bigger and brighter eyes instantly? Freshkon is the ultimate solution! For a person who knows nothing about make up like me or dislike wearing glasses, contact lens would absolutely be a plus one. It's the simplest method to make you feel pretty and confident in no time!

Freshkon Alluring Eyes was my first pair of contact lens I wore when I started using contact lens 4 years ago. So far, I've tried FreshKon® Colour Fusion and FreshKon® Alluring Eyes. No doubt I've tried those Geo Lens from Korea that have so many attractive shades but Freshkon contact lens will still be my choice when it comes to coloured contact lens for its reliability and quality. 

Introducing Freshkon Alluring Eyes;
Every box comes with a pair of contact lens 

This time I chose Magnetic Grey with 5.00 power.

Non powered lens are available as well for those who have perfect eyesight yet wish to have alluring eyes and for those who have high power of shortsightedness, fret not cause Freshkon provides wide power range up to 10.00D. So now everyone can have alluring eyes! 8)

It has full circle print to make your eyes bigger and brighter and also larger optical zone that gives clearer vision to the users. 

With 55% water content, it definitely gives better comfort and allows long hour of wearing up to more than 8 hours. Plus, it's easy to handle and fit into your eyes because it doesn't give you lens curling problem. 

4 years ago, Freshkon Alluring Eyes only has Mystical Black and Winsome Brown which both but now it has four enchanting looking shades to choose from! I love the fact that Freshkon Alluring Eyes provides natural shades and a diameter of 14.2mm so that we can have alluring eyes as natural as possible, unlike certain contact lens that make our iris look too big and 'fake'. 
Can you spot the difference between my both eyes? 
See how the defined outline of the contact lens gives my eyes the alluring effect *blinkblink*

A short clip of Freshkon Alluring Eyes comestic contact lens;

Good thing doesn't end here, I've got good news to share with you! Freshkon is now on a mission for a model search this month. If you think you've got the alluring eyes, what are you waiting for? Available at most optical store nationwide. 

Join now by just following the steps below;

It's just that easy, so HURRY UP! Go on to their Freshkon Malaysia Official Facebook Page to find out more. Who knows you are the lucky one to be the next Freshkon Alluring Eyes model :D
You can check out their website as well for the details of other products. 
Kudos to Freshkon, I can have stunning and alluring eyes, enhancing my natural beauty and confidence even without make up. 



jfook said...

I love your last photo. =) And there's a huge difference between both eyes!!!

Henry Tan said...

hoho! good luck in the competition! =D

Anne Lee said...

it really makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. All the best in the competition.

Chuen said...

Grey looks quite nice also eh? :)

Camy said...

your last photo looks good! :D good luck in your competition!

Norlina Rabiah said...

Comel jk ktk k lens ya even without make up :) Good luck dalam pertandingan ya. Love ya, N. :D

kuromeowiie said...

I like you last photo, very pretty!
I'm a freshkon fans thou :p

Isaac Tan said...

nice lense, on a nice lady XD

Small Kucing said...

very nice :) Eyes looks brighter.

ken said...

hmmm.. look the same to me.. maybe im not attentive to contact lenses.. haha :P

Kian Fai said...

fuiyoh Instant big eye :P


Diana Diane Teo said...

So big the eyes after wearing the contact lens. Best of luck for the competition.

In btwn, your profile picture is so sweet and adorable. :D

Punk Chopsticks said...

Awwwww! I loved your last picture! Especially your skin (TELL ME HOW I CAN HAVE THAT SKIN DARN IT!)are you joining in the competition? Good luck if you are! Tell me how I can help =D

CleverMunkey ® said...

nice one hilda... it really makes ur eyes look bigger :)

Shuwen said...

Love the last pic !! Prettyyy :)

domokun said...

I am wearing this everyday to class now^^ hehe *support XD

makiyo momoko said...

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I love the way you present your blog post , i surely visit here more often

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Enjoy and stay pretty : )

Makiyo Momoko