Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mahsa Idol Grand Final 2011

The night we all, Mahsa-ians have been waiting for has finally arrived! It's Mahsa Idol Grand Final 2011. So who do you think will be Mahsa Idol 2011 and walk away with RM1000 cash?

Thanks to Mr. Andrew for reserving front row seats for us (: 

Emcees of the night.
During this final round, we audiences get to vote as well! Everyone will be given these colourful papers to vote their favourite contestant :D Our votes will contribute 40% of their overall mark, so every vote COUNTS!

Avid fans who came to give countless support to their friends who's participating, I just love their spirit!

Now now, look at the crowd that turned up that night! The auditorium was not enough to accommodate everyone that some of the audiences had to watch it live outside the auditorium via projection.  

Moving on to the performances...

There are 2 rounds that night where the contestants are required to sing an English song during the first round and a Malay song during the second round. 


It's definitely this trio's trademark to sing a medley of different songs as a whole (: 

Wow wow, what's this? Dracula? Halloween isn't here yet right? *scratch head*

Oh, it's Chad! The second contestant of the night singing Listen by Beyonce for his first round. 

Look at his 'still-standing' hair:P

Next up, we have Siow Sze Hoong from the Physiotherapy Department. Even the HOD and lecturers came to support her!
Never ever underestimate her, she may look petite and cute but her voice is oh-so-powerful! She was singing Rolling in The Deep and Gemuruh that night (Y)

Then, we have Meitcher as the fourth contestant of the with the alluring eyes to die for.
According to him, he had his apparel from head to toes sponsored by his friends, how generous! :D For his second round, he sang one of my fave song by Anuar Zain, Perpisahan. 

Last but not least, Megalodon the rockers \m/
I love their bassist! 

Look at his short red tie, so cute :P

Judges giving their constructive comments after every contestant performed during the second round. 

IMHO, I think that overall, the contestants really improved a lot compared to semi final round be it perfomance wise or appearance wise. They had did their very best and rehearsed hard before this big day. I'm really proud of them and once again they had me blown away in their own way.

As usual, there were performances as well during the break to keep the audiences entertained. I think it would be better if they sing songs that everyone is familiar with, no offense but I personally prefer the performers during the semifinal round (:
He was one of the participants last week; Khairul from the Nursing Department. 

Second rock performances by the dental students *headbanging* The guy in white actually had fake tattoo and wore a wig that night but his vocal was really impressive!

What's even more interesting was that our newly installed Pro Chancellor, YBHG Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj. Mohd Ismail Merican was invited to perform solo that night as well! Since he loves singing, so why not?
He sang Always on My Mind and The Young Ones. 
He got all of us serenaded with sweet voice (': 

He was really sporting that he even danced along with the beat when he sang The Young Ones, awwwww!
Then, all the lights went off suddenly and we saw someone bringing out a birthday cake! :O It turned out to be Datuk Haniffa's birthday and it was all Tan Sri's idea to surprise him, how thoughtful.
The audiences then started singing the Birthday Song to Datuk Haniffa. Happy birthday, Datuk! :D

Beside a huge ass cake, he received a portrait of himself, birthday card and a bouquet of roses. 

Now, the moment we all have been waiting for... *dupdapdupdap* yes the RESULT!
Contestants feeling nervous and excited, even I felt nervous wondering who will be the winner.

YBHG Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj. Mohd Ismail Merican, Prof Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa bin Hj. Abdullah and Prof Menon who were giving out the prizes to the winners, accompanied by the Mohd Iqbal.

After the 2nd and 1st runners up have been announced, they gave the honour to Datuk Haniffa to type out the winner's name on the powerpoint and guess who is it ......

Yes, it's SIOW SZE HOONG! Look at her in the picture on the left, literally jumping up and down with joy!

Congrats to the first ever Mahsa Idol Miss Siow Sze Hoong

Here's a short video of her singing Rolling in The Deep, enjoy (:

In case you didnt know, Megalodon won 2nd runner up while Chad won 1st runner up. 

Our honourable jugdes; Mr. Andrew Huan, Puan Nor and Mr. Andy (: 

We, bloggers with the judges (: 

Geek in the Pink and Meitcher, though you guys didn't win, you guys are still awesome as always and you guys really did a very good job! 

The emcees and the organizing chairman.

Not forgetting the people behind this event who had sacrificed their time and put in loads of effort  in making MAHSA IDOL 2011 such a success! Kudos to the committee members of the SRC (Student Representative Council) cause without you guys, Mahsa Idol 2011 would be impossible. 

Us again, coincidently both Jasmine and I were wearing blue, while Joeann and Mabel were wearing white :P 

I really had a great time and I totally enjoyed myself that time :D This is definitely the start to have more events like this for the students in the future and hopefully there will be Mahsa Idol 2012 next year, so if you think you have what it takes to be the next Mahsa Idol, don't miss the audition next year. I'm expecting a better one next year for sure.

Btw, feel free to check out Mabel and Jasmine and Joeann's two cents worth about Mahsa Idol 2011 too.

P/S: There will be a Halloween party on the 31st of October organized by the MUCCLS, are you attending? Make sure you had your costume ready cause no humans are allowed to enter the party.

Peace out,


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