Thursday, December 8, 2011

Delicious Cafe @ One Utama

Another outdated post back in November, my lovelies and I were out for a lunch date to catch up with each other since all of us has been pretty busy. I was still on my finals period but for them girls, I will definitely make time for them (:

Being the usual indecisive us, ended up having lunch at Delicious, Belinda's current favourite restaurant. She's been talking about it so we decided to have a try since none of us has been there before.
Delicious started as a cosy tearoom in 1 Utama Shopping Centre with just a few items on its menu in 2004. Even though its location was not prominent, news of its delicious wholesome food spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth. Soon, the thriving café was packed to the seams with families and young professionals looking for the comfort of homemade food served up. 
Soon, a second outlet sprouted up in Bangsar Village and now there are five Delicious cafes in the Klang Valley with one more opening in Penang at Straits Quay, Sri Tanjung Pinang in May 2011.

Its menu has blossomed into a veritable treasure house of western and local favourites and satisfies the palates of its diners from breakfast till late supper.

Word has it that more Delicious cafes are springing up in the Klang Valley and other parts of Malaysia and Singapore so that more food loving folks will have a taste of Delicious' simply sumptuous dishes. — Delicious's official website
The early birds; Elin and I. 

Posted this pic cause I think my nose looks nice here #perasan no photoshop one okay :P 

Free brownies!! Oh wait, only during weekdays -_-

It was considered quite packed on a lovely Saturday afternoon. 

Yes, Delicious it is (:

Carbonara Spaghettini with Wild Mushrooms, Beef Bacon, Oregano & Cream @ RM23.90

Both Joeann and I ordered this. If you still remember, I've always have this thing for Carbonara, so it is a must order for me sometimes. Coincidentally, I was craving for it as well. The portion is quite big and the gravy is thick and creamy enough to my liking (Y) but somehow I still think that it's lack of something, a taste in particularly. Overall it was still good, I love it!
Mama's Beef Bolognese Spaghettini @ RM19.90

Close up; look at the generous amount of minced beef and Parmesan cheese. I must say this dish is superb! The beef is cooked to perfection and the gravy is the oomph, not too watery or thick. I can still remember the taste of it, definitely one of the best bolognese I've ever tried!   

Corn Beef & Chili Padi Spaghettini, Olio Style @ RM18.90
Now this is definitely something special, fusion of Italian pasta with local ingredients. Too bad it was too spicy where you can literally find seeds of chili padi inside the spaghettini. The portion may look deceiving but it was quite fulfilling (:  

Camwhored a little for waiting for our dessert which took ages to be served. 

Blackberry Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream @ RM10.90

Warm crumbles that goes with the cold smooth ice cream; ahhhh to die for. 

Fillings of the crumbs was not too sweet and there's a lot of blackberries inside as you dig in. 
We licked finished the mouth watering dessert till it's thoroughly clean 

The comfy and classy interior of the cafe.
Spotted truckloads of fluffy pillows on the couch but they have stains on the pillow case O_O Wonder how often do they wash it. 

Another shot of us, love them to bits <3  

Total damage of the day. 
Unfortunately the system was down the that day so they had to do billing the conventional way, how cool :P

Bird cages are common sight when you're at Delicious cafe, one of their trademark I suppose. 

Despite of the numbers of bad reviews that I've heard concerning Delicious cafe, somehow I think it's not that bad. Service wise, I think they could be better and the food is as delicious as it sounds (Y) although the food is a tad pricey. 
I like it and will definitely come back for a second visit, especially for their desserts. They have red velvet cake as well! Besides pasta and western cuisine, they do serve an assortment of food as well ranging from local delicacies to burgers, and even kids meal. 

Delicious (MY)
Lot G316, Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing),
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya.
Telephone no: 603 7724 1086 F: 603 7726 3441
Operating Hours: MON-THU: 11.00am - 10.00pm,
FRI: 11.00am - 10.30pm
SAT, SUN & PH: 10.00am - 10.30pm (Full Breakfast Menu Available till 12 noon)

Also available @ Midvalley Megamall, Bangsar Village II, Dua Residency, Marc Residence Sunway Pyramid, Straits Quay (Penang)and Scotts Square (Singapore).

So have you tried Delicious? I would love to hear from your side or perhaps recommend me what to have for the next visit? (: 



Anonymous said...

I have never been there before. Btw I like your photos =D

Jessy said...

I don't really fancy delicious food, hehe.

kuromeowiie said...

Some say Delicious iz not delicious. but it's fine for me! :)

Queennie said...

Pass by delicious everytime but never had a chance to taste it. Will try it next time ! :)

Priscilla-Needsahug said...

err. yea true. it's not often that people serve bolognaise with a lot of minced meat and parmesan cheese. sometimes, it's not enough until you can taste the floor of the spaghetti :X

Small Kucing said...

if not mistaken they also have one at Midvalley right?

soulesscloudy said...

Truly delicious...

ken said...

it's delicious, but expensive :P

Henry Tan said...

free brownies caught my attention! lol!

SIM YEE said...

i just went to the ampang delicious.the price not so delicious. but the spicy seafood spaghettini is yummeh~~~~ and not to forget the food portion is for giant gorilla. tsk tsk tsk!

CleverMunkey ® said...

i heard the food in delicious not that good though... price wise, slightly cheaper than Italianese or Chilies I guess? Have you tried Dave Deli's at 1U? I heard it was good :)

Peace Out!
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Lorraine Leong said...

Food is good..service is really bad tho. Staff has poor product knowledge and screwed up my order. BUT, I keep going back for the tomato bruschetta.

Thristhan said...

Wah, Delicious looks quite delicious :). But a little pricy right? For that price, I would probably go to Fullhouse Cafe.

Merryn said...

I've never been there before though I frequent One Utama like every other day! -.-

SuFang (Careen) said...

I've tried Delicious in Mid Valley, love the pasta!

Nikel Khor said...

Is delicious and Yummy!

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

i never try 'Delicious' food before , main ly because of their food price . I cant afford la . haha =D

Anne Lee said...

gosh, I'm attracted by the free brownie!! cheapskate me.

Farah Jasenu said...

i loveeee your hair! so pretty and long. *jealous* hehe