Saturday, December 10, 2011

Umami House of Steamboat

Last Monday was the day most Cohort4 students have been anticipating for to hand in our assignment, which also marked the end of our Sem3! Hello once again stress-free life (just for December) and we definitely deserve some celebration after those sleepless nights and depletion of brain cells due to the gruesome exam periods.

This time round, I organized a steamboat buffet dinner at Umami after reading quite a number of good reviews.
Umami is a steamboat buffet restaurant located in Sunway Mentari. We serve a large variety of fresh seafood, BBQ, vegetables, meat balls, drinks, fruits and desserts in a cozy environment. — Umami FB page
I made a reservation a day before since we're going in such a big group, 25 pax. and thus we get to dine in the VIP room #likeaboss cause we're awesome like that HAHA so not! Or else we will scare their customers away cause we were real loud and noisy  :P
Interior and exterior of Umami, they have outdoor seating as well (:

Everyone gets a set of these (: 
Once we were seated, we get to choose 2 soup base per pot out of 6 soup base: 
  • Umami Chicken Soup
  • Thai Tomyam Soup (✔)
  • Fish Head Soup (✔)
  • Thai White Tomyum Soup
  • HK Herbal Soup (✔)
  • Umami Pepper Soup
✔= recommended

I tried the Umami Pepper Soup as well but it was too pepper-ish, tasted literally like a bottle of pepper mixed with water. The soup base tasted just okay, not flavourful enough to my liking.

While waiting for our soup to be prepared, we went to get our ingredient for the steamboat. 

You find yourself spoiled with an assortment of raw seafood, greens, frozen food and noodles! So many to choose from ╮((゜∀゜))╭ 

Drinks (Pu-er Tea, Ice Lemon Tea and Orange Juice) and ice provided  as well. It'd would be better if they serve hot tea. 

Fresh fruits. 

and of course, ice creams! :D
There's also a salad bar for starters! Love how colouful they presented it. Thumbs up for their salad, especially the egg salad and their sweet juicy cherry tomatoes (: 

There's snack bars too. The deep fried squid ball and fried wantan are simply awesome, crispy to bits!

Variety of condiments to go with our food, I personally love the thai sauce, so appetizing.

Without further ado, time to dig in the pot of treasure!
Fish head soup & Tomyam soup.

Herbal soup & Tomyam Soup.

Look at the truckload amount of food we took, as if we have been fasting for weeks :P 

Not forgetting, there's beef (MY FAV!) and lamb strips too! (Y)
Too bad the lamb was not marinated so the gamey smell was too strong that it actually ruined the whole broth, had to request another new pot of soup. The beef was okay though. 

The feast doesn't end here, there's also grilled food prepared by the staff outside ranging from chicken wings to seafood. 

Not sure what type of clam is this, pretty chewy. I like (:

Their superb fingers-licking-good grilled chicken wings; to die for! Well marinated and coated with bbq honey sauce. How I wish my tummy is big enough to eat more of them T_T
Say cheeseeeeeeee! Taking a break after round 1 of feasting :P 

How can I miss the icecream.. Chocalate chips and raspberry swirl vanilla icecream HO YEAH

Ais Kacang for free upon ordering from the staff (: I didn't get to try this so I'm not sure how does it taste. 

After 2 hours plus of laughter and non stop stuffing ourselves with food, I guess  everyone must be super bloated :D Good thing that Umami has no time limit so you can eat all you want and all you can without time constrain.

Since it was a Monday night, we were entitled to have the BUY 2 FREE 1 promotion (also available on Wed night). After all the calculation and stuff, we only need to pay RM20.10 per person and that's even cheaper than the normal price! Super worth it for the amount of food they offered, totally wallet friendly for students like us (: 

Normal Price:
Adult: RM26.80+
Child (<130cm): RM13.40+

Senior citizen: 50% off 
It was overall a satisfying dinner but some of the seafood aren't that fresh. Hopefully they will continue to improve in term of food quality. However, their service on the other hand is really impressive. Fast and friendly. Their staffs are really attentive, always keeping an eye on your table to clear all the used plates. I love their comfortable and clean ambiance too and they have really a lot of tables available so I guess no worries on not getting seats but it's still advisable to do reservation if you're going in a large group.

Now now, a dinner outing wouldn't be complete without some group photos right? Here goes!
Candid shot :P 

#1. The normal groupshot 

#2. Supposed to be a freestyle shot but some of them, Y U NO pose?!

#Groupshot 3 (Heart sign HAHA) So cheesy IKR!!
Despite our age, we're still acting like a bunch of kids. Nehmind, forever young *self comfort LOLOL*

That's what you get for being short T_T 

Don't play play, my guy classmates all know how to pose for camera also! 

Group photo according to colour of our clothes HAHA #lame 
Needless to say, it's always fun hanging out with these bunch of crazy classmates :D 
Cohort4 FTW! Hopefully for the next outing, it would be the whole class that's attending. 

Umami House of Steamboat (Halal)
12A (Ground Floor), Jalan PJS8/17,
Dataran Mentari, 46150 Petaling Jaya.
GPS : N03° 06.33.5′ E101° 35.40.2′
Tel no: +603 - 5622 2663
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri (11am-12am) Sat & Sun (5pm-12am)
Official FB page:



Xue Ren said...

wow! the seafood look so fresh there! :D

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Soooo much variety to choose from! I think it's really worth it as well :D You have a really large class! My class only consists of 18 people lol.

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crazywrazy said...

Some bloggers from Inniters Gathering Facebook group had did some review on this restaurant in the past. I am pretty sure the quality of the food here is better than Yuen Steamboat which is quite nearby. And you have a blastful event I am sure.

Help support Asian Blogger Channel at Same concept as Inniters Gathering

Rebecca Saw said...

Oh I love this place for the steamboat!
damn worth it!

crazywrazy said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply me on msn. You are the first blogger who so courteously did that. Kudos! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why. it looks kinda mehhh to me. haha

Anne Lee said...

oh, buy 2 free 1, so worth. it's good in the sense that the staff there help to grill the chickens and all so that the customers dont need to hustle throughout the feasting.

Small Kucing said...

if this is FB i sure click "LIKE". Awesome post. :)

Adrian said...

As expected an awesome food post from Hilda (Y)hahahah!
The food looks delicious max! Definitely will go there after I know how to drive haha

Isaac Tan said...

whoa, so many people. lol!! :) had a review there that day. the price there is really affordable for the food!

Camy said...

wooo! steamboat look delicious!

mikhaelkueh said...

Looooooks goood. would love to try when I get the chance to go.. ;)