Thursday, December 29, 2011

Phototalkz Personalized Calendar

2012 is just 3 days away, so have you get yourself a 2012 Calendar? I've always have the habit of having a calendar, a desk calendar to be exact to keep track with my schedule, events, holidays and most importantly birthdays! I can scribble and doodle on those small boxes of the marked dates, which pretty much explains the reason I prefer desk calendar than the calendar apps in my phone. Big thanks to ElwynJigoCity, I get to design my own personalized portrait calendar all in the name of fun!
“ Phototalkz strives to create special and customized Photobooks, Calendars & Notebooks with as much care, love and quality that their customers have put into capturing their one-of-a-kind memories. They even have numerous awards to show for it. What's even awesome is that it's highly customizable/personalized designs of my choice, high definition digital color printing and hassle free design software. — JigoCity
I was given a user guide on how to use the Phototalkz software in a PDF file in order to make this whole calendar making process as easy as ABC! The manual was straight forward and easy to understand with photos attached plus the software itself is user friendly (:

First and foremost, you'll need to install the Phototalkz software from
Click “Free download for PC window version to start downloading at your desktop.
Then, just like any other softwares that you've downloaded, do the usual drills to install the software.
Click Next, Next and Install to start to installing process. Upon successful, click Finish! *sucesskid.jpg*
Then you'll have this orange icon on your desktop and let the calendar designing adventure begins :D
Double click it to start the application.
Next, you'll have to
#1. Click [Yes] to check for checking of update.
#2. Click [Yes] to view the new items that detected.

#3. Check the component/(s) that you wish to update. (I actually clicked everything LOL)
#4. Click [Install]
#5. Updating in Process....
#6. Click [Finish] to complete the download process.

Step 3
Step 6
And voila, you'll be brought to this window that has two options. Click on Create New Project.

Secondly, choose the type of PHOTOTALKZ item (s) that you wish to order, which is the Calendar 150(W)X210(H) then click NEXT
Thirdly, add in as many photos as you want using the button shown by the red arrow. Click NEXT to continue.

After that, you get to select your options for calendar; the start month, number of months, first day of the week and language. Lastly, enter your project name and off you go to start designing your very own calendar!
What I meant by user friendly is that they provide you with assistance and tips beforehand (Y)
This is how the dashboard looks like, you'll design the front cover first, drag the photo from the left column into the blank column in the middle. You can choose the page layout, background, photo frames, marks and even decorating items such as buttons, ribbons, sticky note from the tab below the middle column. You can add as many photo as you want and unlimited words to make your personalized calendar even more interesting! I've added vain photos of myself *cough* and as well as my loved ones according to their birth month and my anniversary with boyf ( ^ ω ^ ) now I won't forget any of the important dates.
This is my front cover (; and the column above shows the other 12 months of your calendar. 
Once you're done designing your calendar, now you can place your order but clicking the green shopping cart button.
A Flightcheck Result window will appear to scan through your calendar to see if there's any error or low quality photos before sending it off for printing. Now this is what they call quality service! *double thumbs up* If there's any error found, they will require you to fix it or else you're good to continue and tick at the box that you've read the terms and condition. Assuming that you've read (We all know we don't :P), there will be a window popping out requires you to log in your ID and password.
I guess most of us would be a first timer so you'll need to create and account, filled in relevant details in the form provided yadaa yadaa yadaa you know the usual drill. 

Once the account is created, you'll have to enter the quantity of calendar you would want to print, check through the billing and shipping adress, select the shipping mode and last but not least the payment mode. Once the payment is made, an order number will be generated.  

Back to the Phototalkz Taopix Software, you'll need to upload finished pages so that your project will be uploaded to their server and they will arrange for the production of the project. Lastly, they will send you an email when everything is settled. All is well *successkid.jpg*

So, all I have to do now is to wait for the mailman #likeaboss. I'm uber excited to see the end result!!! Not sure how long will it takes for the production and shipping as it is not stated but hopefully it will come by next month :D Till then, I'll blog about the outcome of my very own customized 2012 calendar.

For any inquiry, don't hestitate to contact:
Runway Sdn Bhd
19 Jalan Industri PBP 11,
Pusat Bandar Puchong Industrial Park,
Puchong, 47160 Selangor
Phone: 03-8060 6363
Website: www.
Follow them @:
Business Time: Monday - Friday (9.00am - 6.00pm)

What are you waiting for? Go get your personalized calendar today to make 2012 even more memorable and personal (':



Small Kucing said...

Great write up :)..

Small Kucing said...

aisay...just went to their website. no freebies for bloggers ..EOE Online got give bloggers photo free prints :p

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Great write up! shall link your site ngek ngek ngek^^

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woots woots! nice review babe! :) so clear and details in everything! :)

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Hmm, maybe I should make a calender with my photos ONLY and distribute during CNY. Should be a hit.

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thanks for the info~

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OMG OMG OMG! i want try to do it! but i prefer to get a small calender :(

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wow, what a detailed writeup, cant wait to see the end result too!

happy new year Hilda!

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Personalized Calendar? HAHA I think I prefer those amoi with Bikini Calendar given by some company XD

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personalized calendar is a great concept for family calendar. However calendar printing is widely use for business promotion as well.