Sunday, January 29, 2012

On the day before CNY's eve,

I flew back to Kuching...

and attended my cousin bro's wedding dinner at night.

One of my fave dish that night OM NOM NOMS

Love love love my new blue sheer dress, got it for like RM25 only! *mad steal*

While on CNY's eve, all I did was eating..non-stop. All of my aunts are really good cooks, so how can I say no when I'm pampered with food?
Reunion lunch at 3rd Aunt's (: 

Reunion dinner at the eldest aunt's :D

年年有余 (Read: Having surpluses and abundance every year) 

Some greens with abalone mushrooms YUMS Green vegetables represent close family ties.
Succulent prawns steamed with egg white and wine! (Y)(Y) Prawns represent liveliness.

Yee Sang or known as raw fish salad, said to bring good luck. 

One of the best braised pork I've ever tasted SLURPS Pork represents strength, wealth and abundance blessings.  

Megan, feeling all excited to lou sang for the first time. She's too short that she had to stand on the chair  :P
8 dishes on the dining table symbolizes fortune    發   
Before the dinner starts, everyone is tossing the yee sang. Lou ah lou ah! As you toss, you shout out for good health, wealth, happiness, doing well in studies and etc.

One big happy family <3

The aftermath; not as messy as it's supposed to be.

Ang ang bo hai lang :P Simply means red won't kill anyone.
Red mini tanglungs (:

A CNY wouldn't be complete without lots and lots of firecrackers!! PILIPALA BOOM ~

and fireworks! 
I promise there will be no food photos on the next post :P Happy 7th Day of CNY which means today is 人日 (read: common man's birthday) where everyone grows one year older! 8 more days left to HUATTTTT ARH!



Isaac Tan said...

yammmmmmmmm seng! :) happy chinese new year to you hilda

Henry Tan said...

wow! i like the dish in the boat! haha. firecracker! the last photo! i bet it costs a lot rite?!

Lyna Abraham said...

Megan is so cute. So do you :) Yam seng! :D

choulyin.tan said...

happy CNY to you!!!! too bad didnt get to meet up with you in Kuching :p

ken said...

megan looks like a mini you! :D

Mich said...

Happy chinese new year :D Well, i chose to wrong time to read your blog. I'm so hungry nowww

Kian Fai Koh said...

waaaoahaoaha! so many food!

lol Gong Hei Fatt Chooi! Dai Kat Dai Lei! :D

Diana Diane Teo said...

The blue sheer dress is so cheap and pretty. Where you bought it? So good leh having reunion dinner at two different places. Every year, I having at my own place only.

Happy chinese new year to you :D Huat ahhh!

• Stephanie • said...

25 bucks for a dress? GOSH it's so cheap! XD btw,Megan looks exactly like u :P