Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CNY 2012; Year of Mighty Dragon

Hello month of February! How time flies. It was just a week ago I celebrated CNY with my family, and now CNY is ending in 5 days time and Valentine's Day soon.

My CNY this year was rather short yet I'm still grateful that I get to fly back and spend a few days with my family. Sadly left Kuching on the 2nd day T_T CNY break, Y U NO longer? BOO!

When the clock strikes 12,
There goes WorldWar3! 
Not much of fireworks cause it was raining that night.

Outfit of the day (: 
Daddy's precious <3

Le familia (':

My cousins and their other halfs. Megan and I are the youngest among them. 

Blackjack! Huat ar!

Megan's expression; EPIC! :P

Now that she has Angry Birds on her PSP, she's glued to it almost 24/7 -_- Kids these days.
Niangao, mandarin oranges, red packets and pomelo; few of the must for CNY.

Scary dragon head :O
The only lion dance I saw on the first day. Where did the rest went?
Those lions are given a task to 'pluck' those beers, pomelo and mandarin oranges. 
This is what happened when the adults are busy talking and we're obviously bored; CAMWHORE!

Harvest of the day :3 

No, I don't get these in my red packets :P Just wanna show the new 20 cent coins HEH

Laksa for breakfast cooked by my Aunt YUMSSSS

Craving satisfied #successkid.jpg
Chilled @ The Spring's Starbucks after breakfast (:

Heading to the airport T___T
Random photo taken at my Aunt's garden  ✿   
So that's pretty much it but my CNY didn't just end here. Stay tuned for more (;



Anne Lee said...

walao, dragon head in the house. huat ar.

Simple Person said...

first time i c the new coin...
all ur sister looks like ur dad...
ur "harvest" pretty good..

Isaac Tan said...

the dragon year is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Huat ahhh! haha

SiMon Har said...

Happy CNY Hilda!!

Jessy said...

haha HKL fun?

Daniel Chiam said...

wishing you happy chinese new year too! may the year of the dragon brings you happiness and prosperity!

laila ariff said...

aww soo cute!

Small Kucing said...

I got the new coins too but not from angpau. Got it from McD LOL

Merryn said...

Fuh, laksa for breakfast! I wanna go to ur aunt's place too!

Camy said...

nice CNY!