Tuesday, February 21, 2012

V-day 2012 ❤

Happy Tuesday! So here I am, blogging about V-day a week after #likeaboss simple because the boyf asked me to. I guess he missed being featured in my blog :P

Everyday is Valentine’s Day if there is love in your hearts. Otherwise today is just another day in the Calendar. — Anonymous 
True much.. I think that Valentine's Day is too overrated these days, it's all about the big bouquet of roses, expensive dinners and gifts. Be it Valentine's Day or not, I'll still love my boyf the same (: No point of showering him with extra love and care only on that day. I would rather save up for our anniversary instead, speaking of anniversary...I'm really looking forward to it *ehem hint ehem* So, it's our 2nd year celebrating V-day together but there was nothing extraordinary compared to last year since boyf is having his finals last week so it was just a simple one (: I thought it was a mutual decision that we won't be buying each other gift or even make a card but who knows boyf still made an effort even though he was really busy preparing for his finals . He is such a sweetheart ♡(´ε` )
A handmade card from him and chocs from Famous Amos.
A pop up card!! :D His kid-like drawings amuses me and the first thing I ask was why am I so thin :P

Chocs, heart shaped lolly and a teddy bear that comes with it. He actually thought that the giraffe was a cow! -_- 

I actually received this two days from the actual V-day (: Since V-day is all about sharing some love, I shared these chocs with Joeann and Cathy as well HEH
And on the day itself, I received this <3 It may not be a bouquet of flowers but I still appreciate it. It's the heart that counts (':

You know how he always says he will have my back, well he certainly has (っˆヮˆ)っ 
I love us, the crazy witty us. 
Felt bad that I didn't do a single thing for him, so I made him a hot choc with a spoonful of love using the cup he gave me when the clock strikes 12 on V-day since he was still awake revising for his next paper the following morning. Better than nothing, right? :P but I'll make that up for our anniversary, promise (: Again, thanks for everything!

So how was your Valentine's Day?



Eunice said...

aiyer! u bad gf! isshh! * talk to the hand*
yr bf so sweet...draw u card summore.. ;p so cute la his drawing and handwritting.. u shuld bake him smthg nice^^

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

eeee so sweet! :) next year you can make him a surprise :P

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Diana Diane Teo said...

I have same thought as urs. I also rather save money to celebrate our anniversary or even save for the birthday rather than on V-Day cause everything is so expensive.

Next month oo your 2nd anniversary. Looking forward for that post. ;D

ken said...

simple, yet affectionate :)

josarine said...

Awww.... i like ferrero too! hehehehe.... appreciate your bf. :)

Henry Tan said...

whoots sweet! haha guys really not that good in drawing huh, but is good that you appreciate it! haha coz not every girl will be like you.. TT LOL

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Let's see.. oh my boyfriend and I actually working on that day, I wasn't aware it was V-day until his brother wished me Happy V-Day, lols!

Xue Ren said...

aww! so sweet of ur bf! you should something special to him too! :D

Tony Teh said...

awwww so sweet =p

Jessy said...

Awhh so sweet girl=)

I didnt do anything for the bf too, feel bad. well well, compensate on anniversary....Waiting for ur surprise to the bf=)

Meitzeu said...

Awwwhh~~ SUper sweet bf you got!! :)

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Isaac Tan said...

sweet like sugar.. slurpy doo

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J said...

so sweet I jelly <3

Anne Lee said...

how sweet of your bf, i didnt get to celebrate V'day cause we are sp far apart.

SuFang (Careen) said...

So sweet :D