Sunday, February 19, 2012

United Buddy Bears @ Pavilion KL

Taking a break from food posts, so I decided to blog about these super outdated United Buddy Bears! I guess I'm like the last person to blog about this, IKR. So yeah back to the bears, a total of 147 colourful and inspiring bear statues were on exhibition at the entrance of Pavilion KL from 8th Dec 2011 till 15th Feb 2012.   I was not aware about this exhibition until I saw people sharing photos of these bears on FB few months back, since then I tell myself I should pay these bears a visit no matter what cause you never know when will you have the chance to see these bears. Out of so many countries, we sure are lucky to have them in Malaysia!

Check out their official webpage for more info!

Buddy Bears are a series of painted, life-size fibreglass bear sculptures originally developed in Berlin, Germany. The first Buddy Bear was created by the German businesspeople Klaus and Eva Herlitz, in cooperation with the sculptor Roman Strobl in 2001. The United Buddy Bears are primarily about their message - a message of peace, international understanding and tolerance among the nations, cultures and religions of this world — Wikipedia
Why, hello there bears! :D
So I managed to take a few glimpses of them when ze family came over to KL last Dec. Since it was at night, I didn't take much photos. 
Paid them a second visit during my CNY shopping with ze lovelies in Jan ♥


One of my fave artsy shots :P

More bears here,

The one and only with Einstein design.

Our very own Malaysia United Buddy Bear! #tanahtumpahdarahku

and more bears there.... 

These are all my fave bears! :3

This totally amazed me, speaking of precise hand craving skill :O

Bye bye bears, have fun in India! Yes, they will be heading to India next!! 

Obviously I'm running out of caption, so here goes an abrupt ending HEH I seriously think I've lost my blogging mojo yet I still have tons of pending posts waiting for lazy #failedblogger

Anyways, have a awesome brand new week!


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i love the night scene of the bear more :)!

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Isaac Tan said...

its never outdated! i saw it, but didn't even take pictures with them.. regret now ><

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Jessy said...

Me no take picture with buddyz... only seen them once when I stayed at Westin... Alone cannot take, shucks!

Merryn said...

and today they are shipped to India

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Know what, I was actually looking for pedobear. Couldn't find.

Diana Diane Teo said...

Wah! so envy that u managed took so many photo of the bears. I onli took few coz my friend keep rushing me to get in pavilion. Haiz! By the way, u r x the last person to blog bout this. I belum lagi leh.

Henry Tan said...

hoho! a lot of bearssss! anyway, have a good week! =D

Tony Teh said...

been there thrice in the past few weeks but never bothered to go check it out. didn't know it's so cool