Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Korea Charcoal BBQ Specialist

Anyong Haseyo! The usual greeting you'll get whenever you enter any korean restaurant (: Obviously from my blogpost title, yes it's gonna be another food post!

After the mani/pedi sesh as I've blogged in my previous post, we then decided to head to Little Korea, located just opposite Karystal Professional Nail Studio to pamper our tummy, since it was raining quite heavily that time and we were sort of stranded there with no taxi nearby #meanttoeat

Upon entering, we were warmly welcomed and we get to choose to either dine inside or alfresco, so we chose indoor instead cause it's more spacious and brighter LOL

The menu; they serve quite a variety of authentic and traditional Korean dishes ranging from ala carte to BBQ dinner and lunch set.  

Their cute signature cartoon icon!(^ω^) 

The typical-must-have condiments for Korean BBQ - Doenjang (MY FAV!! Fermented Soy Bean), Sesame Oil and dipping sauce .
It's the cute cartoon icon again, you can practically see them everywhere! :P

A minimum order 2 dishes of BBQ meats for a dinner set that comes with refillable bachan and dessert. So we ordered the pork belly and their pork spare ribs marinated with house sauce. What's even better is that we have our very own waiter (he's korean +1 and friendly +1 He's actually a student who work part time and the only korean waiter there :P) to serve us!!  I almost took a photo of him but I don't want to scare him away so yeah that's for you to go there and find out yourself HAHA Might be one of the reason why the BBQ meat tasted so nice! 
The pork belly! 

BBQ-ing in process *tummy grumbling* The meat was juicy and tender and you can taste the crispy fats of the pork belly, such sinful pleasure. 

As usual, Kimchi Jiggae is a must for me everytime but this I tell you was rather disappointing! ): It tasted sour instead of spicy which of course I prefer the latter one better. Somehow I found out that quite a lot of people actually liked their kimchi jiggae cause it's sour and even recommend it :O 

Yes, the highlight of the meal!! Their dwaeji galbi  I can't have enough of these; the meat was well marinated and it tasted even delicious with the lettuce and Doenjang YUMS

Few of the bachans served that night; 

Sweet corn with sausages; definitely something new and special to me but I didn't like it, the sauce tasted one kind to me. I enjoyed the pancake and potato salad more while the rest tasted just okay.  

A feast for two! A tad too much, no? 

They even serve hot steamed egg as well that not all korean restaurant serve for free, I like this. Fluffy and the taste was just perfect for my liking (Y) 

My supposed to be hot green tea but it was actually malt tea -_-
We had waternelon and Shik-Hae for dessert.

I had no idea what this is when it was served until I googled it HAHA It's korean sweet rice drink,  a mildly sweet and very refreshing Korean beverage usually served after the meal in Korean restaurants. I had a sip of it then kept it aside :P 

She's happy cause her nails are happy and so is her tummy :P
Walkway to the toilet, their toilet is pretty clean. 
Surronded by tons of Korean deco everywhere, you can surely feel the Korean vibe here *cues Big Bang's songs in the background*
I think this promotion is still going on, don't miss out!  
I personally prefer their BBQ compared to Daorae, bigger portion and tasted way better! Pricewise, I think it's more expensive but their BBQ sets are quite reasonable and worth it. With such superb service and glorious food, I wouldn't mind going back for a second visit. Even blogging about this post made me feel hungry at this moment FML

Little Korea Charcoal BBQ Specialist (Non-halal)
28, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya.

P/S: They have another branch in Mount Solaris that have more positive reviews (idk why but feel free to google)!

Kamsahamnida for reading! Annyǒnghi kaseyo and have a great week everybody :D


Nikel Khor said...

I feel hungry at this hours.. die!

Camy said...

i wanted to try very long ago but dont get to :( they look delicious!

SuFang (Careen) said...

Look yummy~ btw daorae and little korea, you prefer which one?

Meitzeu said...

Yummy Korean food!!! Nice photographs too!

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Eunice said...

AIYO~ You should take picture with the korean guy ma...ahaha! i wanna see!!! btw, the corn sausage lookssss, what do we call delicious in korean?'nasisayur'? xp

Xue Ren said...

haha, i don't know why but i found that the pork belly very cuteee in shape! =P

HenRy LeE said...

the food looks good! the pork belly so cute one! hahahaha