Sunday, April 1, 2012

J'adore L'amour

Greetings, earthlings! It's the last day of March where I finally had the time to blog about our (as in the boyf and I) second anniversary dinner celebration which happened a few weeks back! It is sort of a mutual decision that we chose Albion, a Modern British Dining and Bar which we found on TimeOutKL's website to have our romantic candlelight dinner. It's located in the area of Bukit Bintang, a road nearby Bukit Changkat where all the extravagant restaurants are as well. With the help of the boyf's faithful GPS, we managed to arrive safely at the destination earlier than we were supposed to although there was jam here and there.
In the midst of jam, you know what to do.. Say cheese! 
The boyf made reservation a few days earlier just in case, and lucky he did cause it was almost full house by 8pm. So it's advisable to make a reservation through phone call if you're planning to dine in on weekend since they don't take reservation through online. Once we entered, we were cordially greeted and the waiter brought us to our tiny table for two.  This posh restaurant gave a really comfortable and casual instead of a fine dining vibe, filled with classy yet simple decorations and dim lights.

Kick started our dinner with complimentary warm fluffy bread in a rattan basket served with butter and a flavourful sun-dried tomato with chopped anchovies spread which tasted like bolognese sauce to me. 

The open frontage with ground floor terrace and first floor balcony is opened for evening al fresco dining besides having secluded lounge for having relaxing drinks with friends

A glimpse of the interior but this angmoh couple sitting beside us decided to photobomb our photo :P

While other patrons have red wine, I have fresh orange juice to quench my thirst. Just so you know, you can opt for juice w/o ice. 

Here comes the starter, Russian Salad with Tiger Prawns; Root Vegetables, Peas & Tiger Prawns in a light Mayonnaise. 

This colourful looking salad was very appetizing with a tinge of sourness from the sliced mango, mixed with sliced avocado, tomato and onion placed on a few pieces of lettuces.  I obviously fail when it comes to describing food to make it sounds convincing -_- Both of us liked this dish not forgetting the not-so-jumbo tiger prawns...were mmmmm real fresh and chewy! 
Moving on to my main course, Ballotine of Chicken; Corn-fed Chicken Leg, Pork & Bacon Stuffing with French Beans. Read quite good review about this dish so I decided to try it out myself. T'was  an unforgettable dish, the stuffing had its own taste and fragrance of spice. Glad that it was nicely roasted, not too overcooked as the meat was still tender and juicy though I wish the cook has added more gravy to the chicken. Overall, it was superb. 

Don't be deceived by its portion that looks quite small, but this dish certainly was fulfilling! 
Pan Fried Barramundi; Braised Organic Green Lentils, Tomato & Red Capsicum Sauce. Being the usual fish person, the boyf ordered this. Below that thick piece of fish was a pile of green mushy paste that the boyf tricked me into trying it after telling me it was nice, in fact it tasted bland with a powdery texture. I didn't like it but the mussels and fish were totally fresh. I've never tasted such huge meaty mussels and what's even great, there's not even a slight 'fishy' smell! The fish served with a creamy sauce was cooked to perfection on the other hand,  smooth and silky, no doubt the boyf loved it (: 

We were both so full after the main course that our tummy had no space for their delectable desserts, what a waste T__T We spent the night chit-chatting before making a move around 9-ish. The absolutely lavish food, along with such relaxing atmosphere and high standard friendly service simply made the dinner a memorable one. Thanks for the lovely and scrumptious dinner, baby boy ♡(´ε` )

Albion (Non-halal)
31, Jalan Berangan,
Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact No: 603-2141 9282
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday – Noon to 3:00pm (Lunch)
                                                              5:00pm to 11:00pm (Dinner)
                           Sunday  –  Noon to 10:30pm
                           Closed on Monday
Official website:
Official FB page: HERE

Earlier that evening, the super awesome boyf surprised me with a bouquet of flower in the front passenger car seat and a handmade card.
I'm in love and always will be ♡♡♡

Couldn't help but to admire such pretty photos taken by my babyG12! This is my first time receiving such big bouquet with 10 stalks of roses (': I know how I always say that roses are such a waste of money but there's just this feeling like a cloud nine thing when you receive roses. Once again, Selamat Ulang Tahun Kedua sayang! :*

That's the handmade card I made him on the right. I was again busy that entire week rushing to finish my final assignment till I've got no time to do anything fancy for him this time #givingexcuseagain #failedgf Didn't manage to get him his present as well cause I'm leaving to Kuala Terengganu the next week T__T #owehimone

My overweight designer eyebags, all thanks to the assignments that cause me a week of sleepless night but still it won't stop be from being syok sendiri just for a night HEH Since I've haven't been posting any photos of  me recently, so here goes :P

Finally this long ass post has come to an end! *crossing out another post from the pending list* Speaking of which, I haven't been doing any productive during the weekend -_- Time to stop being a lazy bum, I've got a trip to plan and a presentation to be done by next week. And yes 13 more days left in Kuala Terengganu :D In the meantime, have a great week ahead guys!



Nikel Khor said...

so nice

XING said...

Your dress looks nice on the top. Why no full picture?? U guys are so sweet together. Can't wait to get ur red invitation card. U know what i mean heheheheh

Eunice said...

OOI! DIMPLE GIRLL~ WAI YOUR BOYF SO SWEET ONE? why ? why mine isn't ?wtf. jealous max. and erm , the Russian salad looks , SCRUMMY!!and and the chicken, and the muscle.. oi! Y U EAT SO MANY? BIG APPETITE U HAVE! XDD

Shuwen said...

awww sweet max !! :D :D and the food looks good too ! (Y)

Small Kucing said...

How sweet :) Happy Anniversary

missyblurkit said...

congras on your 2nd anniversary:D

love the look of the russian salad. that is one good way to make people eat their salads!

Xue Ren said...

aww! so sweet of u and ur bf! Happy Anniversary for u and ur bf too! :D

Kian Fai Koh said...

eh I thought ur camera can capture better photo? :P the couple photo abit blur hor XD

nice 1 hilda, thanks for sharing it XD

Priscilla-Needsahug said...

omg so nice. Congrats and all the best Hilda ! hope to attend your wedding XD hahha

Camy said...

awww. so sweet of u both! and the handmade card is super nice! :D

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

the pan fried baramundi looks really good with the creamy sauce :) yummss

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• Stephanie • said...

awww,u n ur boyf r just so sweet. How i wish my bf would done something like that to me. anyway,happy 2nd yr anniversary to both of u! Stay loving and sweet forever!

bendan said...

Eeeee.. so sweet, jealous lo!! Btw, it's a nice restaurant, wanan try their food one day!! Hmm, gonna hints my boy. LOLz!!!

I like your dress leh, where u bought it? Like the transparent part. Ish!