Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pasar Payang @ Kuala Terengganu

Central Market or more commonly known as Pasar Payang by the locals is no less than an interesting place to visit. Its strategic location just by the Terengganu river near Chinatown and Syahbandar jetty makes it one of the main tourist attraction, not only for shopping but also to have a taste of life in KT. You can practically find anything at this double storey market that sells almost all kind of goods, ranging from poultry to sea products, cooking utensils to bed sheet! You name it, they have it.

The lower level of this double storey building is a wet market. You can find vegetables, fruits, fresh seafood or preserved sea products such as ikan bilis in all sizes, salted fish, dried cuttlefish and even turtle eggs :O They even have local delicacies like kuih muih, serunding and keropok lekor near the entrance. Not to forget, dried keropok or crackers made from fish and prawns that are yet to be fried.

Prices of the turtle eggs varies according to the different states. Turtle eggs from Terengganu is more expensive compared to Sabah.

Imagine how many innocent baby turtles are here T__T 
Update: I'm not sure if it's illegal to sell turtle eggs in Malaysia and no, I didn't buy or try the eggs. 

Dried keropok or crackers that has already been packed; there have a few types to choose from. You can always consult the stall owner (: 

I actually realised there are a lot of stalls selling mangoes.

They have tons of durians here as well so fret not if you have durian cravings, cause commercial cultivation has made it available most times of the year. 

Random photo of a kitty cat sleeping on the footrest of a wheelchair.

The upper level sells mostly souvenirs, accessories, clothing, batik, rattan weaving products, wood cravings and songket.

One of those batik cloth on the right can cost about RM200-RM300! :OOOO
You can get an array of keychains and magnets as souvenirs. 
Cute turtle plushies, anyone? (:

They even have bling blings for those who wear headscarf! (°◇°;) 
Close up of the colourful bling blings!
Tips: Don't ever ever forget to bargain with the stall owners regardless of what you're buying especially T-shirts and souvenirs! I managed to save quite a lot from my bargaining skill #proudofself LOL

Trishaws that can also be found at the Pasar Payang; the best way to see the city.

Cendol from this mamak uncle is a must every single time I visit Pasar Payang; every weekend to be exact :D Probably the best cendol I can find in KT, can never had enough plus it's super cheap! 

Love love love the thick fragrant gula melaka and chewy chendol, YUMS! I'd always go for less ice and less sugar cendol biasa; the best combination (´∀`)♥ cause me no like kacang merah. 

The perfect drink for a hot sunny day, can finish it in just a few minutes! You can easily spot this stall somewhere on the right at the entrance.
The hauls I got from Pasar Payang! :D 

AND GUESS WHAT, SHEEPBIT &TEDDY HAS A NEW FRIEND!! (that has not been named) :P Happy three friends!
P/S: Last day at HSNZ tomorrow and another 3 more days till I fly back to KL! \(^▽^@)ノ


Camy said...

omg. din know they actually sell turtle egg

Small Kucing said...

RM5 a biji of the turtle eggs right? try makan? I dare not. The pasar gng to be demolish.

Jessy said...

can sell turtle eggs? i thought is illegal one?

anyway, go try the keropok lekor okay!

Meitzeu said...

You can actually report to the relevant authority about the mass selling of turtle eggs!!!
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Henry Tan said...

turtle egg? not illegal one meh? den u got try to eat and see?

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

durian cendi? tak pernah dengar XD but feel like trying some!

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Nikel Khor said...

Did you try their super large keropok lekok!

Anne Lee said...

that turtle eggs are for selling to consumer to eat or to raise after they hatch?

missyblurkit said...

hmmm turtle eggs for sale? they have to stop it.

apparently collecting is illegal but selling is not. ! said...

What a great place for shopping huh? Love the durians :)

Xue Ren said...

this place is awesome weyy! so many things to shop! btw, thanks for ur wishes dear! really appreciate it :)

Mr Lonely said...

i love durian~~~ XD

Shuwen said...

omg poor turtles :(