Monday, May 14, 2012

Have you heard of Friendly Fashion?

Been wanting to get rid of clothes that you no longer wear but still in good condition? Been dying to clear your full wardrobe? No place to store or make good use of your old clothes? Well fret not cause Friendly Fashion is here to the rescue! Introducing you Friendly Fashion; Malaysia's first online preloved community closet, bringing online shopping to a brand new level. This e-closet allows you to sell, swap, or give away your preloved clothes, shoes, accessories and even cosmetics(!) which means you can earn and spend at the same time without forking out extra money or being broke, win win situation for everyone (Y) Furthermore, you get to make new friends at the same time :D
Loving their new logo! 
This is basically how the homepage looks like, sleek and clean. The best thing about it that it's user friendly, with a few simple tabs only. You know how annoying one can feel with a confusing website.
First, you'll have to sign up to be a member. Being member is definitely a bonus, allowing you to involve in the community and you can start selling, swaping or give away your preloved stuff in no time! Even if you're not a member yet, you can still look around and see if there is any stuff that you're interested in.
My profile (: 

They have this real organized directory that makes the whole searching process for the clothes you want even easier! You can sort them out according to the size and price. Brilliant isn't it? Friendly Fashion is not just for women shopper, but also men and even children! If you try hard enough, you can still find clothes that are brand news even with tags on. This website is not just for preloved stuff alone (;

These are the fews of my fave item that I had my eyes on already :P So hard to decide! So this is how it works: I can just browse through any member's collection, click on the clothes I want and favourite it by clicking a star beside the I WANT IT button, automatically it will appear in my favourite items box, how efficient! I no longer need to bookmark the whole page one and one and plus I can keep track on the items at the same time. 
Measurement, material and condition of the clothes will be stated, with photos attached as well. You can always drop a comment or question and the member will get back to you asap (: 
Besides, the members of Friendly Fashion can always share their thoughts and opinions about anything or even come out with a new topic to be discussed. There's also a Friendly Fashion newbie zone that helps you as a newbie to get familiarize with things around in Friendly Fashion. It's the place for members to get to know each other and interact with one another as well, cool huh? Besides that, the founder of Friendly Fashion also blogs about fashion, their travel experiences, DIY stuff, videos and many more. Guess what, you can get the chance to be the guest blogger as well!

What are you waiting for? Visit them at their website:
Official FB page:
Or you could email them at!

Like the famous Chinese sayings say "Out with the old, in with the new", only made possible with Friendly Fashion! Happy browsing or should I say shopping \( ̄︶ ̄)/

P/S: Can't wait to receive those items and share it with you guys. Plus I'll be updating my e-closet once I'm back in KL cause most of my clothes are there so do stay tuned. Cheers!



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You know what to do now with your clothes back in hostel before the cupboard explode, hehe :P

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cool one! useful web! :D

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wow nice! the polka dots high waist one is niceee! =DDD

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This is nice!!!! and like so cheap. LOL

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wow...didnt know this. Thanks. Gotta do some spring cleaning now LOL

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this is super cool weyy! love it! :D

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more shopping...aaargh!

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