Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bon Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant

I guess you guys know that I am back in KL on Tuesday as stated in my previous post (: and as promised, the three of us make it up to the belated birthday girl, Elin and so we had a proper birthday dinner celebration at Bon Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant on the night I'm back itself. The initial plan was to try out Korean BBQ at Ampang Korean Village but Belinda recommended Bon Ga since it's nearer. So I did a little homework and found quite a number of positive reviews compared to the negative ones (:  Joeann called in to make a reservation a day before and we saw this once we get out from the lift.
To the right, we go! :D It looks like Joeam, instead of Joeann LOL 
Are you ready for another gastronomic adventure? Just a head up, non-halal post ahead.
As usual, we were served with an array of bachan but this time round, there were less than 11 dishes *disappointed* but of course they are refillable with no extra charge and you can even ask for other types of bachan besides those being served already. In Belinda's case, she asked for the some radish kimchi thingy and they gave it to us free of charge as well. 

Doenjang Jiggae (Fermented soy bean paste with vege stew) as one of the bachan as well, it's my first time trying it and I kinda like it (: It has tofu, clams and slices of cucumber in it. 

Fresh red leaf lettuces to eat along with the bbq meat instead of the normal green lettuce YUMSSS but is it just me or it does taste a tad bitter? 
Daeji Galbi (Marinated pork ribs) @ RM28
It was so good that we ordered another plate of this! 

Samgyeopsal (Pork belly) @ RM28

Condiments; Pickled onion soup and fermented soy bean paste. The pickled onion soup has a tinge of sourness and it goes well with the bbq meat wrapped with lettuce. And I have to tell you this, they have the BEST fermented soy bean paste ever! It tasted really different from the other korean bbq restaurants I've been too, it's flavourful and spicy that I had to have it all over my bbq meat and lettuce SLURPSS SATISFACTION TO THE MAX! 

Dolsot Bimbimpap @ RM20 served with a runny egg yolk and of course Gochujang (red chili paste). The  waiter was nice enough to mix it for us and it was really good, better than the one I had in Daorae
And of course, how can I miss Kimchi Jiggae @ RM20! It was spicy, appetizing and kimchilicious. There was a generous amount of tofu, thick chunky pork belly, onion and kimchi. How I wish I can have the whole bowl to myself *rubs belly* 

Can you hear it sizzle on the hot grill? But one thing for sure, it smells sooooo good. The waiter will do all the grilling and cutting for you, so you just have to sit back and eat #likeaboss( ̄ー ̄)The meat were grilled to perfection, the sides were crispy and the meat were so tender and juicy mmmmmmm-so-yummeh! (*≧▽≦)

Oh boy, can't wait to dig in already! Chop chop! Love it when the table is full of food, glorious food :9 

The aftermath; happy faces with happy tummy after happily filled with food (^▽^) 

 Brought three different flavours of Spritzer Tingefor them to try and I'm glad they liked it (: Probably cause the waiter saw us bringing our own drinks, they didn't serve us or ask if we needed any drinks but in the end, I ordered ice water and in return the waiter gave us in a huge bottle, it's free and refillable as well (Y)

We were seated beside this big window, that explains all the nice photos I took with natural sunlight :P This place is cosy and comfortable, too bad they have limited floor seating or else it would be better. I realized most of their patrons are koreans which means their food is considered authentic and up to the par. Fyi, this place is owned and run by a Korean couple and they are really friendly, always making sure that their customers are well-served. Even their foreigner waiters speak fluent Korean, wish I could pick up Korean language as well. 
Birthday gift for the birthday girl <3 We know she loves it! 
We can haz po-po-polaroid ~ 
The total damage was totally unbelievable cheap and reasonable (: and for such great food with cheap price and satisfactory service, we lovelies have decided to make this place our regular for Korean BBQ! We will definitely come back again. 

Try Bon Ga, they will not disappoint you (;
Bonga Korean BBQ Restaurant 本家韩式烧烤
No. 2-2-2, 3A-2, Block E,
Jalan Solaris 3, Mont Kiara
Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number: 03-6204 0012

Till then, kamsahamnida and annyeong!


ms.bulat said...

I also like this place! The staffs are really friendly:)

missyblurkit said...

another korean goodness and i think the highlight is it serves PORK! oh yumms!

Kingyo Shan said...

Omg, now I feel like going there to eat. And the price isn't that bad as! well! :D

Small Kucing said...

not bad wor the food

Baby said...

saliva coming out...

XCB said...

whoa must give it a try! the price is quite reasonable given that the location is at mont kiara

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

oh i love bonga :D but there are too many korean food around that area

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Henry Tan said...

hoho! the Doenjang Jiggae looks yummy! certainly a good appetizer! =DDD

SiMon Har said...

ooo... Korean food! I still couldn't remember the Korean food names :(

Xue Ren said...

the food looks good! Gonna try this out! :D

Anne Lee said...

aw, the birthday girl is so lucky to have that polaroid as her birthday pressie. n btw, about the nail thing, i went for nail art at the nail parlour. I myself is not good in dealing with nail polish.

kuromeowiie said...

I don't understand why I always enter a food blog post everytime when I'm hungry LOL, look super delicious ><
btw I always go the Ampang Korean Village and Hartamas one :D

Vin Tsen Gan said...

One thing about Korean BBQ, the quantity of servings all damn kua cheong one. Especially the side dishes, eat those itself enough liaw.

Camy said...

korean bbq! so nice

Kian Fai Koh said...

really reasonable? lol

was wanting to see people try Dukboki and post up their photo zz

Pete said...

Mmm, love Korean food....this weekend must bring my family to eat....

Elaira said...

Looks so yummy! will try them out :)

randy said...

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