Monday, June 11, 2012

This and that

... is life. Just feel like sharing a bunch of random photos I took with my BabyDroid and my camera whenever I'm out for the sake of updating my blog :P
Breakfasts that I woke up early for;
Left - Kolo Lou Shu Fun 老鼠粉 in Char Siew Sauce (Kuching style FTW!) I just knew that Lou Shu Fun is known as silver needle noodles in English, what a weird name indeed. 
Right - Mee Jawa, too spicy for my liking but I would say that they are generous with the ingredients. 

A super old ferry by the riverfront, look at the colour of the water *puke*

Vintage petrol pump! :D #onlyinbintulu
and....OMG 20 cents milk icecream #childhoodmemories If you never have these during your childhood, I've got nothing to say to you. But they are no longer 20 cents now, one for 50 cents yo! 
Of course I couldn't resist and got myself one ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ aaaaah and it still tastes the same! #likeakid 
Ice kacang at RM2.50 per bowl, if only the ice is finer and smoother. 

Tea break with the family @ Yen Hong Rojak Center! They used to taste better, utterly disappointed ): 

Weather has been crazy for the past few weeks, it rains cats and dogs almost every evening. 

Thank God it's bright and sunny on one fine day, so I decided to shower my furry kids and sunbathe them after that (: 

Oh, I've finally found sunflower seeds after the supermarket restocked it! ;D Been wanting to plant sunflowers earlier and my parents actually thought I was insane HAHA 
Last Saturday, took tons of photos of the very blue sky but this is my faveヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ Little thing that made my day!
Photo of a disappearing sunset while I was jogging along the beach last Saturday evening, love the view (: 

Take #2: Isn't it lovely? (:
Our usual family Saturday night out dinner @ Pineapple Restaurant  
Sinfully glorious braised pork leg with bun YUMSSS
Midin with red wine and garlic #onlyinsarawak

This dish is the one that is responsible for the sore throat that I got after that D': Fried durian, the parents claimed that it was as good as that the ones they tasted before. It was too oily and the durian inside wasn't cold as well booooo

A happy family portrait of Megan with my furry kids! :3 wait, some of them belongs to my elder sister HAHA
So that pretty much sum up my awesome week before I leave for KL tomorrow. I shall put my holly holidays on hold and face the reality for another 3 weeks before gaining the true freedom, hopefully I will kick ass! Wish me truckloads of luck ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



~Joeanney~ said...

I spot little green turtle, haha! So fast go shower d :P

ms.bulat said...

I loveeeeeee midin! And kolo meeeee! Hahahabut I have never seen those milk ice creams in kl!

JunFook said...

Wah never thought that ais kacang can be RM 2.50?! Thought it would be cheaper!!

Ken Wooi said...

random posts are fun, can see random photos taken.. i always have random photos taken, but not sure how to structure them into a blog post :P

Diana Diane Teo D'Traveller said...

I also love to stare at the blue sky. Maybe cause my craziness towards blue colour.

Never know you have elder sister. Have you blog about her?

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

20 cents milk ice cream?! I've never had that before le... pity me :(

nicccchang said...

making me hungry saje! lol!

Merryn said...

Your furry kids.. sakit weh the telingas!

Eh.. the mickey milk ice cream, i've never seen it leh..

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Holy cow I've really never seen milk ice-cream before lor.


Meitzeu said...

Love the scenery photos of yours. :)

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Tony Teh said...

damn, your pictures alone make it look like a damn good place to retire in haha Madagascar 3 review

Xue Ren said...

Oops! To be honest, I never tried the 20cents ice cream before =X

Eunice said...

SHHHOOOADORABLE LA !! Your sis and the toys.. and u holding the popsicle..;PU leaving LK tmr? aww..have a saefe journey

Jobless Girl said...

Delicious food esp Midin. :-)

Kian Fai Koh said...

nice photo with the billboard + blue sky haha :D