Thursday, June 7, 2012

Recipe: Butter Cake

So hello, I've caught a baking fever recently after recovering from a cabin fever. Anyways, thanks so much for the kind comments in my previous post, much appreciated  Back to the main topic! Kitchen is probably the place where I spent most of time besides my bedroom this holiday not because I keep finding for food to binge on but I cook and bake (: I've always been crazy about baking, though I'm still a rookie in the baking department but let's admit it that everyone loves a nice bit of cake or a nice cheeky muffin. Baking can be super easy nowadays, all thanks to premixed ingredients so now everyone can bake!

Last month, I baked a butter cake (cheat one cause I used premixed ingredients); the plain old simple but always good butter cake.
All you need for a butter cake will be this pack of premixed flour, 6 eggs and a block of butter. 
If you don't have the premixed flour, all you'll need is self raising flour, castor sugar, salt and vanilla essence. I realized that most butter cake recipes actually use milk but not in my case. 
First of all, you'll need to beat the butter til it's light and creamy so it's recommended to thaw or soften your butter before hand. Add in the eggs and flour, mix them well and continue beating it until it's all smooth and fluffy. After that, grease your baking tray before adding in the batter. Then, you're all set to shove it in the oven for an hour at 170°C.

After patiently waiting for an hour, this is the end result! ヽ(^。^)丿 Sorry bout the hole, had to check if it's perfectly cooked inside. Last but not least, you can always make your own icing to go with this butter cake or add flavouring like pandan or choc. 
I know you want some :P
As you can see, there are still certain parts that is not well-cooked but overall I gave it a pass since it's my first time #selfdenial The cake turns out not as oily as I expected probably cause I used 250g of butter instead of 300g and the texture of the cake is soft and fluffy, the family loved it and they actually finished everything in two days. #successkid.jpg Dad even requested for another butter cake, so I'll bake it again this weekend before flying off to KL next week (:

What will you do if you love both cheesecake and chocolate cake? You combine both and come out with a Brownie Layer Cheesecake! (´∀`) The initial plan was to bake a chocolate cake (Dad requested this as well HAHA) but I decided to try something more challenging last weekend so yeah but cheat one as well cause I was using premixed ingredients as well! HEHE *evil grin*
Ingredients you'll need premixed flour, a block of butter and cream cheese and 6 eggs and oh 100ml of milk as well! Again if you don't have the premixed flour, you can always search for the brownies' recipe online. Since it's a layer cake, I did the batter for the brownies and cheesecake separately. 
We'll start off with the brownie part first.
First, add in the butter into the premixed flour and mix them.  

After that, you will need to add  in 5 eggs and beat them till the batter is soft and fluffly. 
Megan is on this cracking eggs craze after she learnt how to crack one, she volunteered every single time since then.  
Then, add in the milk and continue beating the batter again. You can reduce the amount of milk you want to add if you think your batter is slightly runny. 

Mix all the ingredients well and beat it till you get a fluffy and soft texture like the photo on the right then you're done for the brownie batter(: 
Now moving on to the cheese layer;
First, add an egg and 50g of sugar into your cream cheese and mix them well till it is smooth and fluffy. Pour half of it into a baking tray and spread them evenly. I decided to put the cheese at the bottom layer first cause I want the brownie as the first layer. Instead of using an oven to bake this time, I steam it! :D For this thin layer of cheese, it needs around 20 minutes to bake under low heat. 

The brownies and cheese batter, divide both of them into another two portion for a total of four layers. 

When the cheese layer is done, you can now pour in the brownies batter, this will take almost 40 minutes under low heat as well cause it's thicker. You can always check it with a skewer from time to time (: 

That's how the brownies layer looked like when it's done, any ideas why are there holes everywhere? D: Continue with another layer of cream cheese then top it of with the remaining brownies batter. After hours of hard work and sweat over the fire, time to check out the final product! *points down*

TADAAAAAA! Not bad huh? Look like those sold in the bakery right, right? HAHA It's chocolatey and cheesy enough to my liking (: Where got people self bake and self praise one? Me lah *double facepalm* Since le parents do not favour cheese that much, they are satiated with it after a few bites T__T

That's all about my baking diary (: What's next? Muffin or cookies?

All premixed ingredients are from Emiwon Bakery Ingredients (英美皇烘焙原料店)
GF, No 60 , Parkcity Commercial Square Phase I, Jln Tun Ahmad Zaidi,
97000 Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel/ Fax: 086 319989

P/S: You can get the same one from Esco Bakery Ingredients in Medan Jaya but it's much more expensive.
P/P/S: Btw, It's Elin's 21st birthday today! Loveeeee you ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ*throws confetti*



Ken Wooi said...

So adorable your sister help you bake!
Baking is the family is fun! :D

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I'm gonna bake this, for myself to eat, yum yum :P

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Looks great! how come my brownies always have shiny flaky top instead! LOL

can make non bake cheesecake too!:D

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wootss! I want also lor. LOL! so nice! yummy

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All I know is how to bake simple butter cake only. The rest, failed!
Love to try your Brownie Layer Cheesecake <3

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The cream cheese layer looks SO GOOD T___T

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