Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An afternoon @ Wondermilk Cafe

I bet everyone would have heard of or known Wondermilk which is famous for their lovely and adorable cupcakes! I knew Wondermilk back in 2010 when cupcakes was the 'in thing for birthday cakes' HAHA I had their cupcakes for my 19th birthday but I've never been to their cafe. On one fine afternoon, my sister and her colleague were hunting for a place to have a tea break so we settled at Wondermilk since we are in Damansara Utama.

It was quite packed that time, so we had no choice but to be seated outside. Thus no photos of the interior,  it's really artsy and comfy in the inside decorated with loads of vintage stuff. I love it  (: Thinking back, I kinda regretted for not taking any photos of the interior T_T

Had two maxi size cupcakes to satisfy our  random sweet tooth craving; Superainbow and Salted Caramel cupcakes; RM4.50 each. 

Random out-of-focus shot, it was supposed to be focused on the word FRESH! :P

Don't you love the cardboard tray for the cupcakes and the paper placemat as well? (:
We ordered Ice Tea Latte, Ice Baby Latte and Butterscotch. My Ice Tea Latte tasted weird though. 

Sisterhood <3 without Megan. 

I have no idea why I looked tan in the photos *facepalm*

Stripping the cupcakes to see what's inside! LOL 

Their tagline; Drink more milk ~ 

Good thing they have some greens at one corner of the shop; I get extra oxygen while enjoying my cupcakes and tea :P 
Colourful rainbow cupcakes but bad for health, you know why.  
The exterior of the shop, love the fact that they use wooden crates as seats. 
Besides cupcakes, they do serve snacks, breakfast sets (shall try one day) and other food as well. You can check out their menu here as well (: I think their cupcakes are okay, nothing special to shout about and slightly overpriced but it's definitely a decent place to hang out.

+Wondermilk Cafe
41 Jalan SS 21/1A Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel no: 03 - 77258930
Operating Hours: Open daily from 9am till 10pm (closed on Public Holidays)
Website: HERE. Official FB page: HERE. Twitter: HERE.
Other outlets: Citta Mall & Publika Shopping Gallery



Diana Diane Teo said...

Seldom I came across you mentioned about your sister except for Megan. The rainbow cupcake is so colourful and I haven't try any rainbow cake yet.

Camy said...

it's such a nice place :))

Merryn said...

Aiyo the colours can die wan leh! #horror

Small Kucing said...

not at citta mall ka? saw like there is one at citta mall.

SuFang (Careen) said...

the rainbow cupcake is so cute!

Tony Teh said...

the caramel one looks freaking awesome. but not cheap ah... Do Malaysian government sector people work?

Kian Fai Koh said...

hmmm suddenly I saw Megan grown up furiously within a weeks in your photo XD


Ken Wooi said...

Hmm.. Uptown ah!
Should try one day! :D

Lim Eunice said...

eh eh..looks good @@
And I didnt know Wondermilk existed. LOL... Should try them out one day! ;DDD
But the rainbow color cupcake looks gross...;P

Henry Tan said...

in the first photo i thought very big one. =.= atleast normal size la.
but when u put beside the cup, it looks small! =S

durianland said...

Woots the colorful rainbow cupcake is so mesmerizing.

It reminds me of my "Puke a Rainbow" meme.

Great post. Maybe I will puke a rainbow when I eat it next time.

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

The environment for the cafe is nice, The cupcakes are looking nice to me but I will not eat it haha ~ Cupcakes are too just too sweet for me. =D

Chuen said...

Wow..Wondermilk looks so nice now! I haven't been to the one in Uptown for a long time. Love their red velvet cupcake with the cheese topping :D

Anne Lee said...

wah, that cupcake is so colourful. like a rainbow.

Xue Ren said...

i'm quite a fan of Wondermilk actually, not because of the cupcakes, but the interior deco of it! :)

Tony Teh said...

Was here looking for your new post =p Total Recall 2012 review

XCB said...

i didn't have cupcakes der as i dun like sweet stuff but their savoury dish is good as well esp. thier beef and fries

Yuki said...

Wondermilk is such a cute name for a cafe! If I ever happen to come to Malaysia I'll sure try to visit them! The rainbow cupcake looks awesome! :)

• Stephanie C • said...

will be working for 7 days! have fun working with Sharen deary,enjoy!