Saturday, July 28, 2012

SS2 Donald's Durian Buffet

As we all know, the durian season is back since early June! :D Since I didn't get to have any last month, I have been craving for durian for the whole month when I was in my hometown. So going for durian buffet is definitely one of the first few in my to-do-lists once I'm back in KL. Good thing that I'm not the only one who i having this durian craving HEH Last Tuesday, Elin, Joeann and I planned to try out one of the durian buffets in SS2 to get our durian craving fixed woohoo like FINALLY!

Of course we went for lunch first, IKEA meatballs ftw!
I know it's sort of unrelated but I just have to post this photo to tempt you guys! All of these for the three of us, we girls sure are big eaters (*≧▽≦) 

We can haz matching pastel bunting bracelet from Glitz and Glitterz(´⌣`ʃƪ)
After lunch, we spent time strolling around IKEA and E-Curve before going to SS2. There are altogether three stalls that serve durian buffet. Normally the middle stall has more people, so we decided to try out that stall; Donald's Durian! If you wanna avoid crowd, the best time to go is around 4/5pm cause everybody is at work HAHA and who on earth would have durian at such odd hour.
Durians everywhere ~ 

More durians in the basket! 
 Selca while waiting to be served (✿◠‿◠) Once you're seated, just let the workers know that you are opting for the durian buffet and they will serve you your durians. Quite prompt service and the boss himself  (not sure if he's Uncle Donald) is a really friendly guy!
We didn't really put high hopes in getting real good quality durians since we paid RM10 only for the durian buffet but boy, we were wrong. The durians turned out pretty GOOOOOOOD! The flesh was fragrat, creamy and sweet to our liking (Y) I usually prefer the sweet ones than the bitter ones. 

Om nom nommmmmm ヽ(^Д^)ノ 

We ordered young coconut juice as well, RM4.00 each. Best thirst quencher to go along with the durians, it has a really strong coconut fragrance and most importantly it's cold *aaaaaaaaahh* Btw, they provide free drinking water as well but not salt -__-
Since it's a eat-all-you-can buffet, we eat all the durians! #allthethings.jpg
One after another, told you we are really big eaters :P 

And all the durians served have a lot of flesh inside YUMS
Glad that my lovelies are also durian lovers, too bad Belinda is in UK now for her summer holiday. 

We had a total of 5 durians, not sure if that's a lot but we are so stuffed of durians after that *burp*

Have you heard that drinking water from the durian husk can get rid of the stinky durian smell and it produces a cooling effect? I beg to differ cause I tried it and I still feel the same LOL
Donald's Durian details available on their tissue box! :D Donald's Durian can be easily spotted in SS2, located near Sea Park police station and Caltex so, it's quite impossible if you can't find it. 

Elin and I <3 
After the satisfying durian feast, we make our payment at the cashier counter.
They will charge per kg if you plan to take away durians that you can't finish. 
Durian heaven :3 How can one not love durian, you tell me! 

You can get various types of durians at Donald's Durian; you name it they have it! Satisfy your durian craving today in Donald's Durian (: 

Top; Dip back blouse with open 3/4 sleeves from Whitesoot
Bottom; Denim shorts from Cotton On
Accessories: H&M inspired necklace from Dazzling Couture


HenRy LeE said...

it's only walking distance for me but tak pernah pergi la :( ohhh bojio! :P

Camy said...

heard before got fruits buffet but didnt know there are durian buffet! sounds good :)

Diana Diane Teo said...

It's durian season everywhere in KL but in KK here, not much. Now you make me craving for more durian. One of my friend purposely flew to KL just to have durian. Really insane!

Nikel Khor said...

Durian fest time

Ken Wooi said...

Okay, donald's. Will try! :D
This year I don't think I've even ate one biji. :P

Lyna Abraham said...

Craving durian indah kamek tok. Grrrr

Small Kucing said...

yummm went there last year. This yr did they put the strange durian contraption at the washing hand area for u to wash hand?

Henry Tan said...

i miss ikea meatballs! =(
btw always passby ss2 and saw the durian buffet but never try. haha

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Drooling on Ikea Meatballs, long time never eat already ~ =(

Durian ~ I'm so so for it only ~ Always passed by but never try haha ~ Friends always talked about it. =P

nicccchang said...

I dont eat durian one :-S but the meatball i havent have the chance to try it yet!

Kian Fai Koh said...

walao, sommore wanna pose infront of balai and snap photo :P

why la durian fest, me no likey lol

missyblurkit said...

Love Donald's too for his awesome service. Though some complain that he is kinda expensive, I think the price is standard. Not tried the buffet...always had the ala carte. Think a durian buffet will be the idea one of these fine durian craving days.

daphiexn™ said...

Durian buffet! I've only tried once, but the durian not the yumz :( This one nice or not? :D

Čღήήϊє ♥ said...

Ikea meatballs!! I failed coz up till now I haven't got the chance to buy and eat the IKEA meatballs! And, u girls can eat alots haha (looking at the number of durian seeds :P)

Eunice said...

fualamak..u memang kuat makan.. I sungguh suka!! *HUG HUG* xD that's a lot of durians weh!! xD

Tony Teh said...

I went at around 8pm and the durians they served us didn't look as good as yours. But yeah the crowd was crazy though. One Recipe Cafe SS2 review

XCB said...

i love love love your bracelet!! <3